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Most Important Things to Know in Etsy

Hi all! I've just opened my Etsy shop and I am looking for some advice! What are some of the most important things I should keep in mind as a new seller. Any advice is appreciated!


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Fantastic photos!!!!
Aim for nothing less.

Oh and welcome to Etsy!!!
Quite new~~~Welcome to Etsy!
Add more items
Improve tags,titles,photos
Be active in teams
And the last,be happy when doing these.

Write your shop policies before your first sale
Read the Dos and Dont's
Join a shop critique team if you want advice about your shop
Read the business forum
Search the discussions for answers to questions
Good luck!

There are some excellent shop checklists from some of the team blogs that you might find useful if you haven't check them out already.

It takes time.....SEO, SEO, great photos SEO Stocking your shop with more items.
Treat your customers with the upmost respect...ALWAYS....even if something has gone all you can to fix it.
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Welcome to Etsy!

Fill out your policies in full. Refer your customers to your policies in each listing. In the policies state your shipping times! This is the biggest problem I have had on Etsy. Even though most people still wont go there, at least you are covered!
First, ignore the spam link above. :)

You want to get shop policies in place--if you need ideas on what to write take a look at what other shops have and come up with what works for your shop and write them up as soon as possible.

Include colors in your titles, tags & descriptions. Search engines can only find you based on text in your listings. Repeated text in titles, descriptions and tags is a good thing--it gives more weight to those keywords.

Improve your listings by including sizes in in inches and centimeters, colors, content description, mood/theme and by including words that folks would use when looking for items like yours.

These should help too:

Item Listing Basics--Getting Better Search Engine Results

Guidelines & Tips: Tagging on Etsy

and if you are in the US, be sure you've properly registered with your state/local authorities--even if you are just selling online most states will expect you to collect & remit state sales tax:

US: Sales Tax & Business Registration--Links to Official Government Websites
Work on policies, styling of your shop, create a common thread in terms of styling of photo's.. & backrounds etc.. keep it neutral & light,

...also make sure everything a customer needs or wnats to know about the item.. is in the description,...

Try get up to 20 items, then 50... as quick as you can.
While doing this work on your SEO. - google it, learn as much about SEO as possible.

Once you have your shop in order, & a good no. of items, .. you need to start promoting.

Facebook ADS, adverts on blogs, facebook page/group etc,

Good luck & welcome :)

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