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Where do I find Direct Checkout Fees?

Does anyone know where are the Direct Checkout Fees are shown, since (according to Etsy) they do not appear be on my Etsy bill? From the Etsy Sellers info page:

"When using direct checkout as a payment method, Etsy will charge a payment processing fee of 3% + $0.25 USD per order. This amount will be applied to the total sale price including shipping and sales tax. It will also be in addition to the existing transaction and listing fee applied to your items. The payment processing fee will be deducted from the sale price when it becomes available for deposit into your bank account. You can view these fees on any completed transaction by going to Your Shop > Shop Payment Account. This fee will not appear on your Etsy bill."

When I go to look them up as directed above, there is no "Shop Payment Account" choice under the "Your Shop" pull-down menu. What's the trick to finding these hidden fees?


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aren't those the fees you mentioned. do you have direct checkout in your shop? if you don't then that maybe why you can't find them.

i am not sure. i did not sign up for direct checkout.
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Inactive Etsy Member 4:12pm Apr 15, 2012 EDT
I just looked at one of your don't have direct check out as an option for payment.
You won't have a "shop payment account" unless you have direct checkout.
There are no "hidden fees" once you have direct checkout as an option the fees will show on the "shop payment account"
You will need to sign up for Direct Checkout. Etsy is releasing direct checkout to a few shops at a time.
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Inactive Etsy Member 4:20pm Apr 15, 2012 EDT
If you don't use Direct Checkout then those fees don't apply to you, so won't show on your bill. Those are the fees for if you use Etsy's own payment processing system.
Thanks Rebekah!

The fees you mention will be listed along with your transaction in your Shop Payment Account is you conduct a transaction using Direct Checkout.

You can find more information on the fees associated with using Etsy here:

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