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wholesale percentage - your experience

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To Paperstatement: That's what the artists I work with do. Flexibility is the key to keeping a good relationship with a buyer.

As for free shipping, shops will not usually count on that as it could change at any time.

I also belong to a wholesale artist's/buyer site and I can tell you that in this economy, most buyers are only buying at the $200 wholesale price. This is because many are hesitant to spend a huge amount of money on artists that are "new" or "not proven" in their shop.
@ Fallenangelbrass The shops are all in USA, so I have to do like it is used in USA.
Fallenangelbrass says: This is generally how it is done. Offering 40-50% off to retail customers who buy more than the typical amount from your shop is still way too much of a discount, considering all of the labor and materials involved in what is still a small amount of goods.

True: Wholesale for businesses reselling your art. Volume discount for retail customers.

Of course, as you are in Germany, some of the details I explained above are subject to change.
Dorisse, I would listen to fireflysg. She has a lot of experience with the type of wholesaling your are talking about.

There are many different types of discounting/wholesaling.
@fireflysg: Do the wholesale-buyers expect the same price for a long time? E.g. If I would increase my prices in general and on Etsy in cause of "big success", is it bad to increase also the wholesale prices or normal?
@ Fallenangelbrass: I am reading and listening so, so concentrated to all the posts.
@ all: It is so important for me to understand, how it works in US. I am so, so, so thankful for all your responses, and that you take the time for helping me
To Paperstatement: No, buyers know that prices increase as costs increase. Some may continue to work with you if your pieces sell well in their shop and some won't, that's just the nature of this business.

Sitting here and reading prior to breakfast and trying to wake up I went to look at your shop and your products.
It is obvious looking at your jewelry that it is very labor intensive to make and requires a raw material which probably is a bit expensive to purchase and use.
Your sales volume from your shop is very low.
This is brought up only because it is a statistic that might indicate that the market for this particular product is very low.
However a search for Paper Earrings gives this result:
some 205 pages of product which may indicate that the market is larger than it looks.
Your prices for earrings and earring sets including other pieces are in my opinion upper end prices indicating a high quality and labor intensive product.
Looking at these three things, while not individually important to your question of what you should charge for wholesale, it does indicate that there is a market for upper end paper based jewelry that will and is able to pay the higher prices.
In general Etsy sales lean towards the lower end of the price range. Neither a comment on Etsy and their reputation but a statement of fact. The average per product sale price is $20.00 which takes in everything sold on Etsy.
While an average is just that, it is a statistic.
To try to answer your question from a stand point of knowledge is difficult, because my experience is going to be different than others.
You should pick a value that is acceptable to you that makes it worth your while to spend time, effort and materials to make what is a very pretty, labor intensive and unique product.
I do not see a method that making things in volume will be easier. Just more work.
Of course I could be wrong.
I would though establish a minimum purchase requirement to obtain that price.
Be it a monetary value or a product number value. But having a minimum purchase requirement is standard.
There are products that I purchase for resale that must be purchased as a minimum before a price break is qualified for.
And then in general there is a tendency to have some form of a sliding scale to obtain a better discount.
If you have a chance to respond to a wholesale purchase request that is wonderful.
But remember, when you are selling something that is successful and that means sold in some form of volume, while the money is nice, it does take some of the fun out of creating.
As to Branding, that is a customer purchasing something that has your store’s name on it? That is to be expected. I am sure the things you buy from a store has the manufacturers name on it.
However if what you buy has a House Brand name, that is the name of the store itself. That store paid some one for the privilege of doing that.
Make sure you get paid too.
How pretty the jewelry is.
I am a big fan of pretty.
@unclejohn Thank you so much for your long letter with advices.
As for the sales:
I have that shop for a long time, but I began to list the paper jewelry and books just this year. In Etsy there is only one (!) other listing (not shop) with jewelry from corrugated cardboard! So it is pretty unique ;-) I have 5 requests for wholesales....
5? Wow!
Spending the money earned is also fun!
Good luck

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