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how to issue a partial refund?

Hi, I've just sold my first item :-D However, the buyer didn't see the coupon box and was charged full price. She put in the note that she would like to claim the discount I had offered, and so I want to refund her the difference. Is there a way I can do it through Etsy so that my selling fee is calculated on the discounted price? I don't use Direct Checkout (not eligible here).

Thanks for any help

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Inactive Etsy Member 7:58 am Apr 18, 2012 EDT
nope, you cant on etsy. you have to just refund from paypal. the only way to change the fees on etsy, would be to cancel the sale, and make the person go through checkout again
you will however get the fees from paypal refunded for that portion if that's how they paid & you refund through them.
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Inactive Etsy Member 8:02 am Apr 18, 2012 EDT
Yes, you have to refund via paypal. Just click on the link next to the transaction and click issue refund. From there, you can issue a partial amount, not the full amount.

Since they paid via paypal, you have to issue the refund through the same company that you used for the payment.
Thanks for your help. I've refunded the amount through Paypal. The difference in the Etsy fees is only a few pennies, so it won't break the bank. It's just a bit frustrating.

Thanks again everyone :-)
I have similar problem - need to return some money to a buyer, but she paid with her credit card. I do not know how to return her money now?
Submittet question to Etsy Help Capitan this morning -still waiting for answer.
Maybe you could help?
If the original payment was made through PayPal, refund through PayPal. Just click on the "Details" and you'll get the transaction details page where you'll find a Refund link--just fill in the amount you want to refund.
on paypal you can make partial refund. Click the refund, then it will auto-fill in the amount probably w/ the orig. payment but you can change that to whatever amount you need.
I've done this before- no biggie. If it was via paypal it's no biggie.

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