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Question is deactivating items better than vacation mode

Just wondering which is better going into vacation mode or deactivating all items. I have to be away for over 3 weeks. Don't know which is best.

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Hi, we're on the same boat. I will be away for over 3 weeks too next month. I'm still in doubt of deactivating my items or put my shop on vacations.

I guess, if you still want to have access on your shop, you might want to deactivate your items and put announcement that you're on vacation. Cause on vacation mode, I don't think you can access your shop at all.

I read some threads about this before. Some had problems at all putting their shops on vacations and things went fine when they opened it back. But some said it would take a while to get views and sales after vacations.

I have 2 shops right now, I'm thinking about putting one of them on vacation mode and let the other one open with most items deactivated.
I will have access to my shop, but unable to ship
thanks for the feedback
I change my banner to my vacation one, use an avatar that says Re-opening on XXXX, change my announcement and shipping notes to reflect the same info, along with an email that they can contact me at if they need to. I don't deactivate. I like my stuff to be seen. If by chance someone doesn't see any of those announcements and orders, I'll quickly email them and let them know. I've never had a problem with doing this, however I did put my shop on vacation once and it took me months to get my views up and be seen on google again and it has truly never been the same since I did that. Never again.
Well, whether you deactivate all of your items or you put your shop in Vacation Mode, your shop will not be found in Searches, Either way. Empty Shops do not show up in Shop Search results.

Vacation Mode keeps your items in Treasuries, and in Favorites.

Deactivating them removes them from both of the above.

I have never had a problem with Vacation Mode. I use it regularly to catch up with orders.
Congratulations on your new family members! You could certainly keep your store open while you are on vacation if you items are already made. Box them up and take them with you. You can ship them from your family members house with your own return address on the label. If your items are made to order you may want to consider closing down so you can enjoy the time with your family. It only comes once. Enjoy! ♥

Love the idea of taking with me, but even though most of my items are small, I will be traveling 3000 miles. Suitcase space can be tight. Thanks for the idea
I've always used Vacation Mode, because at least my items are still viewable in Treasuries and Favorites.

When I re-open, I renew several things daily to help get my items noticed. And get some new items listed.

Last time was in early February, and I got lots of views. I haven't really had any problems with Vacation Mode.
I usually put a note in my announcement that I will be away and will ship on xxxx date when I return. Then if I do get an order while I am away, I will send a note to the buyer just making sure they can wait until I get back for me to ship the item. I have not had a problem with this yet.
I used to be so paranoid about using Vacation Mode, but recently I used it for a week and just prayed that my shop wouldn't fall off the Google map once I re-opened. I'm happy to say that all is fine. My views are back to normal in no time at all. It didn't seem to hurt my shop at all.

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