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search ads how to ...

I would love to get involve more with the search ads. But it won't let me add my own tags like I do on my item listing. Why not?
I feel It would work much better like that for me...I mean I could really target what I want out of my ads.

the automatic tags pulled out of my listing (in particular section) sometime left out very important tag.

Also I can't add my item one by one! Is their no listing # anymore. Why will it not get the url item as in the treasury?

Any help anyone?

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Until search ads let you enter your own search terms, they are a waste of time and money. The words etsy gives you to choose from are almost always too general to be useful.
When I did it, I was able to edit my tags to be what I wanted them to be. A bunch showed up automatically, but I was able to edit, add to, or remove them as I wanted to.
thanks ... any one else can help.
how to add your own item one by one? what link they want.
I think they want the listing number, not a link? But figure out which items you want to come up in the search ads and then on those that you use, make the tags what you want to use in the search ads.
To get individual items you have to start typing the title of the item you want to include and then choose it from the drop down list. It's ridiculously cumbersome. If you ever need your item listing numbers you can find them on the listing page, down on the bottom left when you click 'show item details'. It's also in the url when you go to the page. Equally cumbersome.
thank you Renee.
I will see maybe if I choose the exact item maybe etsy will pull up more specific tag out of the bunch!
anybody know why we can not type in our own tag as we do when we list new item?

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