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Hey Rob

Can you please either re-open the closed thread and remove the offending posts, or start a new one to allow us to continue to discuss what to many members is a very important issue?

I know posts can be removed, because I've seen it done within threads. I also know this topic isn't going to go away easily. It would be better discussed in one thread started by an Admin than 50 threads started by everyone else:-)


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I agree...
me too.

while we all may be a bunch of loud mouth outspoken people that are had to take. Shushing this is not going to benefit Etsy.
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Inactive Etsy Member 8:28pm Apr 23, 2012 EDT
this makes me even more curious about what has been shushed.....
I agree wholeheartedly, bring the thread back
I just read 30 pages of posts and I am outraged that it was closed! If Etsy had done their job no one would feel the need to comment on what happened with the featured seller. Etsy is the one at fault not anyone here for saying what needs to be said loud and clear.
Have some guts Etsy and listen to what your sellers are saying. Don't take the easy way out and shut us down.
Please do! We little people are the ones that work hard at doing our own handmade items that are concerned!
What's the point anymore of everyone typing away with no response? Seems like a waste of time and finger energy. I'm through.
They open a thread asking for feedback, then shut it down when the feedback doesn't go in their favor?

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