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combining vintage items and handmade

Hello everyone
pleased to be here
i have just registered, as a noob.... can someone please tell me, is it permitted to combine handmade and vintage in my new Shop...... or can i have 2 shops, 1 vintage, 1 handmade
please advise

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you can do either - one shop with both vintage and handmade, or two separate shops.

you can combine both. many vintage sellers have handmade or supplies or both in their shops.
You can have both in the same shop. For some, the Vintage and the Handmade complement each other.

Just be sure to read the Dos &Don'ts (on the left on this page) about which is which, and the rules for either. Wait until you see how Etsy's going before you venture into 2 shops. It's more work than it seems -- and for years, Etsy discouraged it!
I have a vintage shop and a handmade shop, I just think it looks better to buyers to have all the same kind of stuff together in one store
Hi frangipani, and welcome!
I have both in my shop and it seems to work well for me. As long as you have good sections that are clearly defined so as to make it easier for your customer to's all good!
thank you everyone that is most helpful
now i can get started
I have handmade, vintage and, more recently, supplies all in one shop. I do use my section titles to keep them separate and rearrange my shop regularly to keep each in their own areas - all handmade together, all vintage on the same few pages and all supplies at "the back of the store." It's working well for me with vintage buyers coming back to buy handmade when they need a special gift. I find running and promoting one store time consuming enough.
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Inactive Etsy Member 8:59pm Apr 25, 2012 EDT
I have both in my shop as well. I like the feel of having more items to list and a variety to boot. It's been helpful for me.

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