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Has anyone tried the Direct Checkout on Etsy yet?

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Baerreis, DC is in fact the default. It's first in the list of payment types, it's pre-selected and worded in a way that makes it seem that it's the only way to pay with a credit card. There's no indication you can pay with a credit card through Paypal. Sellers are fooling themselves if they think this isn't the main reason they're seeing DC transactions.

So, I'm using it to give my customers another payment option, but I wish it wasn't designed so obviously to herd buyers into the DC corral.
Yes, Dee, you are correct in that your money is held for 3 days minimum, and not available at all until after you mark the transaction as shipped. Not good for those who do custom work and can't ship for a while.
Elizabeth from mimiandlucy says

I tried it and canceled it. I decided I'd much rather have all of my money go to my paypal account where I have immediate access to it and can either spend it on Etsy, use my paypal debit card, or transfer it to my savings. I don't see any real benefit to it since buyers don't know about it until they go to check out and they've already made the commitment to buy at that point. I don't think offering direct checkout will result in more sales.

Buyers know about it immediately when they click on the listing and read:
"(whatever shop name it is) accepts credit cards directly through Etsy" at the bottom of every listing.
More paying options for buyer but it is troublesome for seller having in manually input address to print label.. Oh, and cannot verify address like paypal site..
personally i like paypal label and address verification option. Etsy Admin got work to doooo...
You don't really need address verification with direct checkout. Etsy has already said they will bear the risk and take the loss for fraudulent purchases due to stolen credit cards, etc.
I signed up for it and have had 2 customers use it. No problems so far. I accept credit cards at craft shows and have not yet had any problems so I was not hesitant to sign up. I feel it gives customers another option and possibly me more sales.
One question I have is: they say you need to mark the sale completed and you will be able to have available funds within three days. Is is just a matter of marking comleted, or do you need to enter shipping and tracking info for that completion?
LOVE IT! As a seller it has been easy to use, and yesterday I made my first purchase using it, very simple and quick. Well done!
griffincat, you just have to click the shipped button.
I made a purchase in a shop today that offers dc. I didn't use it because I wanted to use up my paypal balance.

This is what happened and it sucked and now I'm not sure I want to keep it available in my shop:

I typed in my *notes to seller* on the cart notes were a bit lengthy because the seller needed lots of info.

Then I clicked on paypal (because the default is dc)......aaaannnndddd.....

my *notes to seller* was erased.....I'm not kidding. How irritating is that? So I had to retype everything.

The problem I see for my shop with this sneaky little disappearing tool I found is customers need to leave sizing information for me before I can even think about starting their order. If they have typed all of that in the box and then decide to use paypal....all their info is gone. Will they even notice it's gone? Or, will they just say..."screw it" and not place the order cuz it's a pain to do it all over again, etc. etc.....

How stupid is that? Not sure I'll be keeping it activated in my shop.

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