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The "Who" of Handmade

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I can see the headline now: How a Malibu Trophy Wife Destroyed Etsy.
Whatta way to go. So embarrassing.
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Inactive Etsy Member 3:58 pm Apr 26, 2012 EDT
What's sad is I guess the writing was on the wall from back in October:

Egg on my face, I tell ya.
FacingTheLens, add ebay to the list.... now they are offering free listings all the time to attract sellers, the only problem is their policies designed and favor buyers big time and only few selective categories have bids. The mistake of ebay was to get rid of small sellers and favor resellers. I don't know if this is not a good example, then I don't know what is. Another one is artfire.....
I think what confuses me is that I know a hundred artists on Etsy, who draw, paint, sculpt, sew... who make really really rad(!) stuff that have been on Etsy for years (underlined) and they are passed up as feature sellers by people who have only been here for 4 and a half months. Is this new? I feel like that is a new thing... I wish people who have been here, part of the "community", for a long time would get that spot first... and that the new (fabulous as well) sellers would have time to grow within Etsy. Maybe have a featured seller blog spot with people who have been here for a year or longer... and a "Check out this new shop" blog spot as well? Because sellers who have been here for along time really covet this spot- to see it filled with new sellers is a little disheartening I would imagine if you haven't been featured... then this debacle on top just ads salt to it all. Also I would love to see more ViSIONARY ART as featured sellers too (crazy illustrators, drawers, you know ... wild visionaries - outsider art) - there are so many cool artists here, it would be great for Etsy to get FUNKY again! thanks for taking my input:) - Troy
Man, I can stalk these boards all day and all night. My kid just left for the summer. I have no one to boss around so here I am Etsy! Waiting for an answer. Waiting for that Featured Seller post to be removed and wondering why it is ok for one seller to harass another.
awww, now she has an amazon account too
UpHome says
GoTo went to page 86. hahah me too and I 2nd that statement above

~~~Well I have a little bit of vintage in my other shop & I "resell" supplies, so I figure I better make sure my peeps are not left out to dry all by themselves. :)
If anyones interested

I think that this site has a lot of promise:

Another great site...with hosting and an integrated blog

and Ebay has a promotion going: April 26-28, all sellers can list up to 5,000 items in the Fixed Price format and pay zero insertion fees.
I left ebay as a power seller because of the resellers when etsy opened and I will leave etsy, too if it is overrun with resellers. A place with resellers is not a good fit for a store like me.
My sales dwindled with resellers at ebay and they will dwindle here, too. I cannot compete with wedding veils that are $9.99.
Like this recession doesn't suck enough but to have to compete with resellers will destroy my business at etsy. Of course it won't destroy my business in full- I will just have to move like I did before.
Jennifer JuniperfromPoleStar says

We all have to carve out a space in life. Etsy isn't Lucifer fallen lol despite the dramatic sentiment you find here


While I completely agree about carving out our space...not so sure on the second part. Sorry you find it dramatic, I happen to take things like ethics rather seriously.

The devil comes in many carnations, he's not a red horned monster I assure you.

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