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The "Who" of Handmade

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Marking my place...
I appreciate the effort to respond to the massive outcry. I, however, echo the sentiments of shroompers, as quoted below.

"I'm fine with this as I understand all the things you have pointed out. As a business grows it gets to the stage where it's no longer a hand crafted item but a mass produced one. What I fear is this wonderful market place that is supported on a huge cloud of little people will leave us all behind as it goes to this next level. We cannot compete with mass production when it's under that same banner. Maybe there is a way to distinguish these new business types within your categories?"
I'm not reading anything different, newer or clearer on this issue than what is already in the muddy TOU. Did I miss something?
I'd like to know how the integrity team determines whether a shop is a collective who all work together under that business or it is merely a seller who purchases their goods from a distributor and passes them off as handmade.

marking, thank you. :)
I'm with hughespottery. Nothing new here. Although I appreciate the attempt to "clear things up" as far as the collective issue is concerned, I don't see how this actually clears things up...
what will be the response from etsy to shops that misrepresent their business?

and is etsy expecting this blog post to somehow fix the situation happening currently?
I think you need to trim up those policies as they seem to be letting in vendors running factories of workers, you seem to be vetting these vendors as handmade with little proof tho with lots of proof to the contrary. Seems those policies are allowing importers of items claim they made them themselves, etsy seems to be vetting them as handmade too.
Thanks, Stella!

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