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The "Who" of Handmade

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What is the impression that Etsy continues to brand outwardly? 

"Since Etsy began in 2005, 'handmade' has more specifically meant 'handmade by the seller'."

Regardless of policies that change organically over time, in 2012, patrons to Etsy still believe they are purchasing something 'handmade by the seller'. 

If Etsy chooses to encompass other approaches to 'handmade', then it is wholly within their responsibility to educate & make transparent the nature of Etsy as a venue.  To create an impression otherwise is gravely misleading to the consumer. 
Anna Miller, I believe that is a big problem here on Etsy.
Many casual buyers looking for something unique and "handmade" will venture on to Etsy, and buy with out doing any homework to ensure what they're buying is truly made by the hands of the artist who is running the shop.
They were told this is where the handmade is at. They buy what they believe to be handmade. Many don't really care just who made it, so long as the price is right, and the item is interesting and well made.
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davkadeergirl from DeerGirlDesigns says

Sofia, I am on the same page as you. I have had all my hopes in Etsy pretty smashed up and am now moving to be more in my local community and to find another online venue. Truly sad.


I know that there are communities all over who value handmade goods. You should also see about joining a crafting group. Not only does it validate what you do but you get to make new friends :]
YES! So important, Anna. I have recently turned many of my relatives on to Etsy and today when I shared the recent events on my facebook, they were all shocked and I felt like I had betrayed them. They were so excited about it when I told them about it as if it were this truly revolutionary thing and now I have to explain what is happening. Transparency must be evident and maybe the whole "handmade marketplace" should be dropped.
little over a year ago, I made another location my "main site" and Etsy is now just a "secondary" location so I don't have all my eggs in one basket.

It's exactly because that I've seen that any shop might be shut down for ANY reason, *apparently * at random, while other shops are blatantly breaking the TOU and get coached into how to fix their listings to be "Etsy Kosher".

Dear Etsy:
It's never too late to admit you made a mistake and correct things. Some of the betrayal I feel from the etsy corporation would be lessened by this approach.

Otherwise, just come out and tell us the truth in the change of mission.... like Silly Kittyfromtrinlayk says.

It's a very dark and depressing path you've chosen. You coulda been somebody.
I've still been making stuff the whole time this goes on because I truly enjoy seeing what I can make out of the pile of stuff that is my supplies. But the more I read about this situation, the less and less I feel like listing anything.

But yes, I have been pretty much consumed by this since it started.
Its either handmade or not handmade get rid of this resellers hiding behind the collective tag garbage or im walking.
I'm so sad about all this.

Its so not what I thought I was signing up for. I love this community with all its differing styles and personalities... the personal stories behind designs and the love put into creating and supplying. It sounds like this site has outgrown this and now aspires to mass consumerism, which while having a place in society is not the place I'm sure I want to be!!

When I first started selling on Etsy there were the occasional threads about how shops had grown to be so successful on Etsy that they had to leave because they no longer conformed to the handmade policy and were needing to employ people to produce their products in larger quantities... which sounded exciting and was sort of inspirational. It was accepted that Etsy was not the place to be once you had grown to a size where you were no longer able to make everything yourself.

I guess Etsy has now grown so much that it's finding it harder to take all us little guys into account any more and wants instead to focus on the larger income from mass production. Congratulations on your success Etsy. All things evolve and change eventually ...its just difficult for those of us left behind!
traveller240 from traveller240 says
dale from dalesdreams says
I have updated my profile in an attempt to instill confidence in my buyers that what they are buying from me is truly hand made.

I suggest you all do the same.

I issued an integrity statement in my shop store front Days ago after a long time buyer of mine told me she was disgusted with the whole fiasco and told me she'd be closing her account. Revenue from that one customer alone last year was over $2300. :(

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