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The "Who" of Handmade

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Kates, I'd agree with you if you left off the "with an attitude." Ebay HAS an attitude. They thought they had the world by the a$$ and started instituting policies that demonstrated their contempt for their sellers, many of whom left, with a bad taste in their mouths. Now they offer 50 free listings a month, and no one will convince me they do so out of the goodness of their hearts. It's a cautionary tale. Or should be.
Chymiera from Chymiera says

I issued an integrity statement in my shop store front Days ago after a long time buyer of mine told me she was disgusted with the whole fiasco and told me she'd be closing her account. Revenue from that one customer alone last year was over $2300. :(

THAT really really sucks, and stuff like that is exactly why this needs to get fixed, and fast
We appreciate your feedback, and your passionate dedication to Etsy. Please let us know what you think in this forum thread.

Myself and 90% of the rest of the sellers on this site haven't had a treasury that we've made or been featured in on the front page, and yet I can see the works of a handful of etsians on the front page upwards of 5 times a day. The repeats happen in the Finds as well. Just like "enforcing the rules unilaterally" — which has been mentioned hundreds of times over the last 3 years — spread the features around too. When you don't it looks like favoritism and it compromises your integrity.

It's 2012, I've been here since 2008. Aside from updating policies to meet new criteria established by morphing technology — how many updates could possibly be needed to the TOU at this point?

When there is a flare-up created by an issue caused by the staff — then understand that your sellers are Etsy's customers — and when people get testy or tempers flare because the staff are busy telling people not to talk about it or hurt someone's feelings because there-is-a-person-behind-every-user-name — and then the mutings, shops being gone over with a fine-toothed comb, and accounts being suspended or dropped — well, that looks vindictive, not professional.
There is a line between the patrons (sellers who pay to list on etsy) and the staff. While everyone is human, professionalism is the name of the game when it comes to how the company needs to treat its patrons. Criticism needs to be taken graciously, not with lips quivering and then a backbite of rage and an "I'll show you" attitude — that's not the kind of human behavior that engenders trust with your patrons.

So, etsy, spread the love. Show the ones of us who have been ignored and who have simply been here just being awesome the same level of kudos that you've been showing the shops who are in the Finds on a weekly or daily basis and who rack up multiple-multiple front page features day and multiple blog features. Show us that while you're human, you take this business seriously and you value all of us sellers as your patrons and treat us with the same level of respect and admiration. Show us that you will not act vindictive when criticized. Show us your professionalism.
BuildingSteam from BuildingSteam says
THAT really really sucks, and stuff like that is exactly why this needs to get fixed, and fast
It sure does, I feel especially bad for sellers who rely on this as their only source of income....
what will they tell their children? Mommy cant buy food this week because the company that mommy sells her stuff on is letting people in factories take that food from your mouths...
Maggie from Neogami says
Anna Miller, I believe that is a big problem here on Etsy.
Many casual buyers looking for something unique and "handmade" will venture on to Etsy, and buy with out doing any homework to ensure what they're buying is truly made by the hands of the artist who is running the shop.
They were told this is where the handmade is at. They buy what they believe to be handmade. Many don't really care just who made it, so long as the price is right, and the item is interesting and well made.



It certainly seems deceptive on Etsy's part to allow consumers to believe they are purchasing directly from the maker. If Etsy's marketing wasn't so strongly angled in that direction, it may seem otherwise.

it was 'good' of etsy to let us post our frustrations here but i have yet to see an answer from them....there are still many unanswered questions
If etsy were consistent and open about the rules and how they are applied this wouldn't be a train wreck. However they won't answer to people in public or the forums about whether a situation is permitted or not, and they are inconsistently applying rules to people.

this makes for a lot of frustration.

ETA: I am surprised that the FTC has not looked closely at etsy for its claims of "handmade", since that word has a legal definition which it illegal to use in any other way for commerce in the US.
Me? I'll just look at Etsy as another venue now, and treat it as I do Ebay, know longer viewing this site as the venue for "all things handmade" by artists themselves. It has simply become another venue, far removed from it's original mission statement.

It is what it is. Or, more realistically, what it has become.

There. I feel better already. Acceptance can be very freeing.

I'll just keep creating. Keep moving forward. Loving what I do and just keep doing it.

I agree, Anji. It is only a matter of time until someone files a lawsuit against Etsy for false advertising.

Chymeria, that is unreal. I am sorry you lost that account with that important client. Wow.

I have never seen so many of my favorite sellers speaking out against something on Etsy before. This is so unanimous. The community has spoken.
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Life at Etsy
At Etsy we love our bikes, enjoy company-paid health benefits, generous time off, and Eatsy, our weekly locally sourced company meal.

Isn't that special.

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