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The "Who" of Handmade

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Now that we have been shown the light of the new Etsy path I have questions for all the handmade sellers. Will you continue to do as much promoting of Etsy? As Etsy has "never" paid for advertising do you think they will now? Has Etsy reached a tipping point where failure is not possible and therefor advertising is a mute subject?

I do have sympathy for all the sellers here that have worked so hard to make Etsy what it is today. I fear that the future is bleak for us. Etsy has been getting their new plan of attack in play for quite some time. With Resellers and their large volume of items it will be more difficult to be found as there are now so many ways Etsy pulls buyers out of our shops and into others. The more items you have for sale the larger the probability the resellers will become the most relevant. Our buyers will be sucked into their shops. Can't help but think that Relevancy was the last piece of the puzzle. The more items you list the more relevant you become.
LOL May Day.

and, if you want to learn something, google the May 4th movement! That would be so ironic.
May 4th! Let's go! I'm off to bed, but I hope to wake up to something positive, not a closed thread.
I will no longer be assisting etsy in gaining new customers, no. Linking to it, promoting it as a venue. I will not be sending people here from elsewhere any longer because of this.
Gail, I promoted Etsy relentlessly. I just can't stomach the thought anymore. But, I think you have a point in that Etsy has elevated to a point of self-propulsion. They don't need us. Nor, I believe, would they care one way or another if we stayed or went.
may 4th movement - just googled it - ironic to say the least.
Down with the Empire up with the People?
May 4, I like that!!
No news here - etsy jumped this shark back during coralgate.

Anji, I know what you mean. I have not promoted Etsy for quite some time. I so wanted this venue to be my last place of business.
Wow, I was skimming the pages and left on 29 to go to bed, 6 hours later and were at 88, i sure do hope there is answers to all the questions in the next pages.

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