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Am I putting buyers off?

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yes I think you are putting off buyers with just the fertility thing..... personally I really Dont want help in that department :p and many other folks are going What 0o

you have cute stuff,
if you wanted to keep with the mystic gemstone side of it maybe expand to the other categories of that like...luck, success, money ect

everyone needs more luck ;)
I think you need to ask yourself what market you are targeting.

If you are targeting the TTC market, then you have an audience.

However, if you want a broader, more general market, then apparently, from answers, you are putting people off. Personally, I rarely look at the descriptions, I look at the pretty pictures.
Thanks everyone!

Plan of action is to keep to my niche market, as my profile states I have battled with infertility and I know how soul destroying it can be. For the poster that accused me of 'selling magical beans' I am deeply offended as this was not my intention.

It is actually my personal experience with gemstones and it's impact on my fertility that has made me a complete convert. I will take heed with the 'bold' claims that these stones WILL do...... and put a byline about seeking medical intervention.

I guess I have been taught to asses everything personally before making a decision and I was naive enough to believe others would do the same.
It would put me off. I have raised my kids and not looking to have any more. As soon as I saw the word fertility......I did a fast back track. That's just me though.... I want to leave my grocery cart and leave a store as soon as a kid starts screaming.
I have 2 kids and will not be having any more, so no I'm not in the market for fertility anything, HOWEVER if I like a piece of jewelry I'll buy it because I don't believe that jewelry can help me conceive...I also don't believe that stones have special healing properties. But if I like something I'll buy it. I recently bought a bunch of tiger eye beads because I LOVE tiger eye, but they were marketed as being mystical and whatnot...that didn't bother me, even though I didn't believe in it.
It's definitely a specialized niche and it makes you stand out. Which is very important because there are so many jewelry shops on Etsy. I think your target market is very specific. You have a great opprtunity to educate those of us who don't know about the benefits of crystals. It may be good to add some more information in the description about their properties and it would draw more customers. Good luck!
It would put me off. I say open yourself to all markets possible. Its SUCH a pretty piece. Ive been wanting a 'tree of life" anything for a while now.
I think that the wording puts people off. I would still by if the jewelry was cute, which yours is but I think that several people would see the word fertility and run for the hills. Maybe you could reword your shop description.
Instead of this:
Jewellery and accessories with a twist! All of our items include healing crystals specially selected for their impact on fertility. Help to improve your chances of conceiving the natural way with a unique and gorgeous piece.

Maybe you could say something:
Jewelry and accessories with a twist! All of our items are handcrafted using crystals that are said to have healing properties to help with many of your health issues. Healing Crystals and Gemstones are a beautiful, mystical energy medicine, which have been used for centuries throughout all world.

Then maybe you could make jewelry that has crystals and gems to help other health issues while you keep the ones you already have. Just create sections for these. Also I would put a disclaimer that you are not a medical professional and any ailment, illness needs to be seen by a medical professional.
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Inactive Etsy Member 7:28am Apr 27, 2012 EDT
I wouldn't necessarily want to be told it's fertility jewelry, but I would like to have it be suggested to me in the description. I think a description using words like "WILL reduce" instead of "MAY reduce" is a little intense and not inviting to the casual wearer of crystals. But I would still like to know what it could be used for - maybe I'm browsing & trying to concieve and I'm not really thinking about metaphysical ways of doing so and then oh- you've suggested that perhaps this beautiful piece of jewelry will help. It wasn't in my face telling me I need it or "mocking me", if you will, it was just a suggested piece of advice.

Just my opinion :)
I think you might put people off. If I wanted to buy one of your pieces for my 15 year old daughter, and then read it is a fertility piece, i would back off. Maybe have one section in your shop dedicated to that.

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