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Direct checkout and seller protection

Let me start by saying I searched for this answer in the forums for awhile but with the new drop down search maybe I'm not doing it right and just can't find it. I also looked in the Help section and maybe I missed it.

My shop now has DC and put it on my shop today. Will try it to see how it goes. My question: Paypal protects a seller with the whole delivery confirmation thing, etc. (at least to a certain point). How does Etsy protect sellers from a buyer who files a non-delivery of item, etc, etc.? Do they just go right in and take the money from the sellers account or do they contact seller to ask for proof of things? Like if a buyer says they never received item, but seller has the delivery confirmation (from PayPal shipping), does the seller have a chance to give that info to Etsy?

Again, if I missed this in help sections or forums, I apologize. I do try to find stuff before I post. (I applied for the DC team but am still waiting to be "accepted) so I can't ask on that team. Thanks!

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I'd like to know more about this, too.
Me too.
That's a good question.....not feeling so trusting lately
Me too. I got the "you can add" it email yesterday, but I want to get a bank account exclusive to my business (something I haven't done yet) before I hook up to Etsy check out. This, however, is a really good question.
You can always read the TOUs. Etsy did spell out seller protection in the case of a stolen credit card, etc.

c. Registered Seller will resolve any dispute directly with Buyer or with the assistance of the dispute management and refund tools available on Etsy, and according to the guidelines outlined in Etsy’s DOs and DON’Ts. In the event of a dispute being escalated to Etsy’s customer support team, Etsy reserves the right to issue a refund to Buyer if transaction is found to be in violation of the Etsy Terms of Use or DOs and DON’Ts. In the event of chargebacks submitted by Buyer, Etsy will respond to credit card networks on behalf of Registered Seller; Registered Seller agrees to provide any requested information to us within five calendar days of the request. Etsy reserves the right to recoup funds associated with Buyer chargebacks in accordance with Section 5 of this Agreement.

5. Recoupment

a. We reserve the right to seek reimbursement from Registered Seller if we, in our sole discretion provide a refund to Buyer if Registered Seller cannot promptly deliver the goods, or if we discover erroneous or duplicate transactions, receive a chargeback from Buyer's credit card issuer for the amount of Buyer's purchase from Registered Seller, or Registered Seller otherwise does not act in accordance with the DOs and DON’Ts.

b. We may obtain reimbursement of any amounts owed by Registered Seller to Etsy by deducting from future payments owed to Registered Seller, reversing any credits to Registered Seller’s Shop Payment Account balance, charging Registered Seller's credit card on file, or seeking such reimbursement from Seller by any other lawful means, including collections. You authorize us to use any or all of the foregoing methods to seek reimbursement, including the charging of your credit card or debiting from your checking account.
e. Etsy will bear the risk of credit card fraud (i.e. fraudulent purchase arising from the theft and unauthorized use of a third party's credit card information) occurring in connection with Payment Transactions. In the event Registered Seller is found to be complicit with any credit card fraud, Etsy will not be liable.
Thank you everyone. I appreciate it. I did look under the Help section...a few times throughout the day. I didn't find the link you gave me above but maybe I wasn't using the correct search terms. Again, thanks!
I wonder if anyone has had experience in how Etsy is handling a non delivery, with delivery confirmation?

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