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Responses to policy concerns, and a note from Chad

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mylenefoster from mylenefoster says
My shop is buried as it is in the thousands of listings with shops averaging 250 items and above, items flooding the listings. I can't compete because I do everything myself, slower in creating because I do one item at a time. We can't even price our items favorably because our competitors are undercutting us.
I can show you tens of thousands of listings that prove the statement above.
These items are also listed way below what an average seller here on Esty can sell them for.
When you can afford to buy components by the boatload (literally) you can get them much cheaper than most people can. When you can hire people for 50 cents a day you can list these pieces for next to nothing as they are.
I don't care what Chad says - this sounds like the end for many small artisans here on Etsy.
Thank you, Chad, for your post..I'm sorry, it's just not very clear to me.

I just think that the site that is known as "handmade" should not be including resellers here. I have always referred people to Etsy to come and see all the unique and wonderful handmade creations, also all the gorgeous vintage items, and of course all the artsy supplies. I definitely will not be referring anyone to Etsy for mass produced products..that's not what MY Etsy is about..

I will do what I can not to get lost in all the resellers..
Jennifer Juniper from PoleStar says

This all comes down to the classic charm on a chain thing though doesn't it? Our own personal ideas of what should be allowed on Etsy? In the end Etsy decides that.
It does. It really does.
NaturalGorgeous from NaturalGorgeous says:

"In an ideal world, a carpenter.... let's say a carpenter in a country like... Ghana, who builds bookshelves out of reclaimed.... vegetable matter -- this carpenter makes her bookshelves, and she sets up shop on Etsy, and sells direct to the public all over the world. She gets a much higher price for the bookshelves than she would have gotten if she were only selling in her local market in Ghana. Etsy allows her access to the world market, where her goods command a higher price. Wonderful!! That's what Etsy is all about!

But in the situation we have now, a person from a wealthy country...say, Germany... can pay that Ghanian carpenter third-world wages to make the bookshelves for him, which he then brings back to Germany and sells on Etsy for first-world prices -- and instead of the carpenter getting the 'extra' money, the German man pockets it for himself.

That is Etsy just being another cog in a cycle of exploitation. That's Etsy making it harder for individual artisans to earn their way out of poverty. That's Etsy facilitating the status quo. That's Etsy doing the opposite of what they are telling the world -- and specifically, reporters, what they're all about. "

Andy Mathis from andymathis says

What Would Yokoo Do?

I've tried starting a WWRB (what would Rob do?) thread many times but it just doesn't fly.
Michaela Fisk from TheFiskHomestead

Changed from ButtonsandYarnOhMy on Jul 19, 2016

4:01 pm Apr 27, 2012 EDT
Am I the only one that felt that that "note" was a politicians speech? Very vague and didn't answer any questions ... just danced around them while telling us to govern ourselves accordingly?
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Inactive Etsy Member 4:01 pm Apr 27, 2012 EDT
"What the public expects -- and what we expect -- is that this site's handmade section is reserved for the exclusive use of self-representing artists and crafters."

This is really well-said. I think this is the best way of putting it and should have been in Etsy's definition since the beginning.
Cindy from cindylouwho2 said on page 34: (regarding location restrictions for collective shops)

"does this mean that family members living in 2 different states can no longer be a collective? Or if I want to have a collective shop with someone in Edmonton, they have to drive here & do their work in my condo? What about individuals who are not in collectives but live in 2 different countries through the year? (studens come to mind) My household situation is only a few years from having two homes, & because of this, I now file tax returns in California even though I have never lived there & I am not American

Not in anyway trying to be snarky, just trying to clarify. Because there have been many shops here that work in more than one location, including people that are not collectives."


You make excellent points, Cindy. That is exactly the type of complexity we are working through in reviewing our current marketplace standards. We want to have a platform that enables and empowers creative businesses to grow without putting bizarre limitations on their individual business plans.

But we also need to strike a balance by creating rules and a site experience that maintains the values we want to uphold. We're working on it.
Wow. This is so very truly sad. The internet did not need another eBay.
So Etsy is officially endorsing Resellers and Distributors/ Importers of mass produced handmade merchandise now ??

Maybe I should stop listening to my conscious and captialize on my importing experience by sending off my designs offshore for reproduction and make some real money! - Thanks Chad for the Brilliant idea :(((

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