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Responses to policy concerns, and a note from Chad

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New etsy collective!
I understand people wanting to boycott... only problem is that it hurts people that depend on etsy for income (like me)
"SewAmykins from SewAmykins says
I've read it. And I keep getting back to....where has "handmade" gone? I get changing a business' focus to protect their interest (MONEY), but I don't get how that still fits Etsy's original & current statement about being a Handmade Marketplace? Assemblage by paid workers isn't handmade. And isn't collective by how I know collective as defined.
So while I thank you for the response, it still doesn't answer my question.

There's very little about what Chad wrote that I find credible. This idea of calling certain shops "collectives" sounds like Etsy's answer to allowing wholesalers who claim their items to be handmade (when they're clearly not) to stay, as long as they call themselves a collective. Instead of Etsy actually supporting handmade, they've made it easier for the people who are making Etsy money to get away with it.

Etsy has these policies and guidelines that one of the admins keep posting in the forums over and over again, to remind us that Etsy actually has policies, but it's painfully obvious that little is being done to really enforce them. The only reason why there's any effort in damage control now is because one was highlighted on the front page.

Shops in etsy that actually sell handmade have been closed down for a lot less, and yet a shop that seems to be bringing in a lot of sales and traffic into etsy are allowed to stay open, despite them (by many fellow etsy sellers' views) breaking etsy's rules. The reason why we're so foggy on what these rules actually mean to etsy is NOT because we need another mod to remind us where the rules are, but rather why such a shop is allowed to stay.

The fact that Chad acknowledges that this might "feel agonizing or frustrating for some members of our community" is because it actually is. This seems like just another admin post saying more of the same... that etsy isn't going to admit to doing something wrong by shutting down problematic shops and rather let them bring in money to the site. "In addition, we don’t disclose specific details about what we review because we don’t want to give those who are intentionally breaking Etsy’s rules an easier way to get around them" is absolutely not true. If it's obvious that a shop doesn't meet the standards that Etsy states in its rules, than it should be closed down, simple.

"I know that our admin and the vast majority of members love the strong sense of community that Etsy provides." Is that why discussion threads that DON'T name names are shut down? Or why etsians who do sell handmade and follow the guidelines are suspended w/o explanation? Or why Alchemy was taken out and never replaced? Or why the chatroom was removed and not put back in? Where's the sense of community when half of the community no longer exists, and the other half is being consistantly censored?

I really want to love etsy again, I did when I first joined in 2006 and for the first few years, but when stuff like this happens OVER and OVER again, it's very hard to want to come back to this site to reopen a shop. I do my best to support the actual handmade artists here, but I know that fewer and fewer of them can afford to stay here when they feel that they're being drowned out in a site that's starting to look and feel more like ebay than what etsy was when it first started.
@ Etsy admin and Chad and anybody else, just stop talking about it.

Why do you keep dragging this out? Today's post by Chad is not necessary and counter productive.

Just stop talking about it. The hole you are making just gets deeper and deeper. Let it all die a natural quiet death.

Let's move on.
No. How about we fix it.

I'm not just dropping it letting etsy go to hell.
Hi all- I just wanted to let you know that I'm still following this thread. There are several posts here and in the other thread (The "Who" of Handmade) that I'd like to address. I just need to take a bit of a break for a while, though I'll be back later to dig in again.
This is all fine...except the basic, fundamental fact that the items in question, that started all of this, are clearly and undeniably NOT being made in their studio, and their "collective" is a not-so-hard-to-identify cover for their import business. It is so crystal clear. You are willingly being bamboozled.

Wow long read....more like a 5 beer post at this point
Marking to hear more from Stella
yeah def. want to hear more from lauren, i wonder how she feels have to answer for etsy's ambiguous policies. thank you lauren for trying.

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