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Announcing Etsy Weddings & Wedding Registry

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The timing of this roll out has a "Nero fiddling while Rome burns" quality to it.
That was my concern too... what if a buyer wants more than those first few pages of bracelets, or hair accessories, or whatever... I think people are supposed to then find you by searching, but they would have to go to the main Etsy search box at the top and then search, then narrow the category down if they wanted a more specific area like weddings... :(
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:41 pm Apr 28, 2012 EDT
after people click on "registry" can their be different options from which to choose? wedding, graduation, birthday, anniversary, wishlist for santa, customized (travel around the world).

it would be amazing if people were able to customize the title of the registry to fit their occasion for celebration.
Jennie Glaze from jewellerymadebyme says

Ok, its lovely however none of my items are showing, why have I been paying money for you to display my items when they are not appearing, please can someone look into this,
I thought, *traditionally* bridal accessories (including dresses and jewelry) weren't included in a wedding gift registry. Maybe more appropriate for a bridal wishlist...which would be a very useful tool for the bride-to-be. Something to consider.

And every listing has an 'Add to Registry' button at the top right, so they can still add your items to registries if they wish. Looks like you don't see the button on your own listings, but peek at someone else's.


Hi, I'm not referring to registry and have maybe posted in incorrect forum place, but none of my items are showing when I go to the main etsy wedding page, there are only 4 scroll down for more options and none of my items are showing, am just freaking out a little as feel like I've had money taken from me wrongly to list items if they are not going to be seen on website
Interesting new features! Here's a point I'm not following -- all the subcategories here seem to be curated and have a limit on how many items are displayed -- for example, -- yes, buttons pop up that you click on to see more, but, again, at the bottom of the page there's a limit and a message appears "no more items to display" But how do shoppers access ALL the items in these subcategories? If there's no way for shoppers to do so, how frequently are these curated subcategories updated? Isn't this in some way similar to the gift guides from several years ago that were eliminated because they were curated and weren't updated frequently enough?

Another question - can items from the same seller appear multiple times in a curated subcategory?


Sorry! YES!! I am a SELLER ;) Was just so upset that that's what came out initially, for some reason.

I am totally confused and no admin has been kind enough to provide feedback on where SELLERS can get information and clarity on exactly how this affects us. :(
Andrea S from HappyCloudCreations says
This is awesome! You should think of doing a baby registry also!


Baby registry is on our to-do list!
How are shoppers supposed to continue shopping when there are only a few pages of items showing up? You get to the last page and it says "No more items to display."

This isn't good.
None of my items are appearing in the Etsy Wedding jewelry page either. What is wrong? Only a few items are showing and after clicking "Show more items" 4 times, the page says "no more items to display" at the end of the page.

I've just relisted 19 items and I feel like I'm throwing away my money.

Can someone explain?
saburkitty from saburkitty says
awww I can't sign up yet because I don't know the exact date yet :'(


Sign up! You can change the date at any time.

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