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Announcing Etsy Weddings & Wedding Registry

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I thought it was a direct link to Regretsy ...

Oh.. That wood be nice..

dieseline from Dieseline says:
The items in the lists have an "add to registry button". Will all listings have these buttons?


After you create a registry, you'll see the "add to registry" button on all listing pages.
Jay, here can we get more information, you have alot of confused angry sellers here that feel like we are wasting money
Thank yo u
Yes, I have tried every which way and there is no way to browse into the category anymore. Please, please, please put a "See All in This Category" link at the end of those pages of scrolling.

Right now it feels (ok so it's an emotional reaction)- like all the cool items are inside the club with the customers and my items are locked out on the street and the bouncer won't let them in.

Being logical: I checked my shop stats and only 25 of my 550 views in the last 7 days were directly from categories (most are from search) but what if those 25 were some of my sales ( there any way to know that conversion info)?

Every sale counts :)
Well put Shanna :)
Sorry that should be where can we get more information
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Inactive Etsy Member 2:04 pm Apr 28, 2012 EDT
Just renewed a batch of items ... guess I'm one of those locked out in the street
Admin, please let us know why shoppers can't continue to all wedding items.

In one category there are 3 shops with 8, 9 and 11 listings showing up.
What if a buyer goes to my shop directly can they add any of my items to their registry or do they have to be in the registry area?

I don't have all my dresses in "weddings" but they could be wedding dresses for some
oooh this is exciting. :) watching and learning......

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