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Announcing Etsy Weddings & Wedding Registry

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So.. It's over then. Like It or Lump It..?
CherryHillsfromCherryHills says

So.. It's over then. Like It or Lump It..?
How about Dump it...couldn't resist
Courtney Rae Troup,
Where and what is the actual timeline?
laura, said they would add the footer this week, so that means in the next 4 days
Welp at least there are two monogram cake toppers appearing. Of course neither are mine but it is a start. Oddly, enough I have only had the two sales today that were not etsy related.
I just noticed a graphic for expedited shipping for $10 guess that's relevant
Thank you Laura for your response to our questions!!! I realize that we've given you guys MUCH to think about and I appreciate your taking our concerns seriously. With the addition of the search bar to the new Weddings section, provided it works exactly the same way as before in terms of relevancy, I will be happy to go back to work, knowing that I'm getting my money's worth for my listings. It will be a huge relief not to have to check into this thread every hour. In fact, I can't wait! Until then, I will anxiously await the appearance of the search bar and I wish us ALL success in business as we make the necessary improvements for the future.
Well since we now know that it is here to stay. How about smaller pictures. Maybe not thumbnails but they would look better smaller, it would look more uniformed. With that maybe more than the around 200 items can be shown prior to the search link.
How is it going over here?
Hi everyone!!! YEAH about finally getting some answers (who knew "Bad Boyfriend Etsy was named Laura LOL)!! Sooo I just got home from job #2 and I'm trying to catch up. I'm confused about the relevancy thing. I understand how it works in personal searches. I'm also aware that the categories rotate by renewing. My question is how can categories ever change if renewing isn't part of the process, If everyone has similar tags there has got to be a way that 3,000 (or any # in a category )items appear in a particular order.

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