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Announcing Etsy Weddings & Wedding Registry

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I won't, I don't want to derail this thread. its' serving a positive purpose and lets not mess it up (I apologize for mentioning it)
Oh I see
I took a few hours break. My views are still 0. My shop just started taking off last week after 3 years. After four years of recession during which we lost our 24 yr old design business I got direct checkout and was answering convos everyday and starting to sell veils on a regular weekly basis. Last week for the first time in 4 years we made a living wage from etsy. We were so excited. I had hope I could help my family. Then this change.

I feel like I have been laid off with no notice or pink slip. I feel like I have gone to my brick and mortar only to discover that the rent has tripled, the water and power have been shut off, and black paper had been taped across the windows so no one can see my goods.

Etsy are you listening?
so just for kicks and giggles, I checked out the wedding/accessories/veils category. Scrolled through the listings. I counted no less than 5 items that were repeated. Exact same items!!!!!

About 100+ items out of the 3,000 plus items, and they have room to list duplicates?
I'm not in the wedding category, but I fear for the future of the baby category.....
Hi jenni...
I fear the change is hitting everything. Did you read way back at the articles we found everywhere?
It's not good...
Matt, Jill I agree...if you are still here

This is one of my new items. I would love to add "Wedding tablecloth" to it but I can't
KisforCalligraphy, thank you! I missed your posts earlier.
OK, I get to this time of night and I start threatening. I am going to be in Brooklyn in 9 days. I saw a comment on the Huffington Post article about
"Occupy Etsy".....

Hi Michelle...thought I was alone...
Glad your here....
There is another article...let me find it

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