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Announcing Etsy Weddings & Wedding Registry

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RedOtter from RedOtter I re-listed this morning... WHAT a waste of money. Generally at this time of day, I would have 3 times the amount of views. Today it is as if I have vanished off the face of the Etsy planet. I refuse to re- list or put up any new items. I have registered with 'the craft star' and 'lilycraft'. Looks I am getting politely bumped out here... Etsy, you have failed us all.
No, tried that. Only one view..........
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:22 pm May 4, 2012 EDT edited
I still do the same as I did before. Last night I had two convos about new items which was the first time this week. I have 0 views from weddings. I have nearly sense the week began. I checked my stats earlier in the week and noticed my views still come from searches. I then renewed and started my search ads again. I have had maybe 8 sales this week? Not a lot of topper sales which is HIGHLY unusual for me.

Blue eyes I just <3 your shop. I have been trying to put as many of us in my activity feed as I can.
Britt H from polkadotsnpixies Thanks baby!!!!!!
Hi! We still working to make the buying experience of our Weddings page and the new registry as excellent as it can be. While our engineers are hard at work, I hope to be able to answer some of the question here. Thanks for all the feedback!


Anita Spero on page 223
How long is one on the Registry?

You item will remain in a registry until it is removed by the creator of the registry. If your item sells it will remain in the registry with a message that the item is sold out and a link to condo the seller for more information. If an item is bought from the registry it will remain in the registry with a message that the request has been fulfilled.


Tina Prins on page 223
1) Where can we all be seen 'wedding related" besides the registry for people who do not want a registry?
2) If we are not we still pay 20 cents?

All items tagged and titled with wedding as a keyword will still appear in wedding search results. If an item is classified in the Weddings category it will appear in all results that are filtered by Wedding.

Your 20 cent listing fee ensures that your item is listed in your shop for 4 months. Though we do host many shopping features for buyers in which your listing can appear that can help promote your item, your 20 cent fee is purely a charge for hosting your listing.


LibertineVintage on page 226
If I want an item to be seen in the wedding registry, does it have to be listed as a wedding item in the "occasion" area of each listing?

It does not! We do gather that information but at this time it does not factor into how or where an item displays on the site. Any item, regardless of categorization can be added to a registry. If you want an item to appear in a search filtered by the Weddings category, you'll want to categorize it in the Weddings category.


I'll be back with more soon! As always if you have specific questions that you feel we haven't had a chance to respond to, go ahead and reach out to our Support team for help:
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:31 pm May 4, 2012 EDT
Michele, Omg your sketches are to die for!!! I love your work and favorited a.few items!
WOW... that was a stellar response, Etsy... you've managed to take food out of our mouths and that's it??? Shame, shame we know your name....
Fascinating! So, basically, I don't have to worry about relisting any of my items for four months? Well, that's the first benefit to the new Weddings category fiasco!
Pearl jewelry is trending? where's mine then??????
Thanks for the response etsy, when will the rest of the questions be answered?

When is a fair system for category going to be implemented?

When are the stats going to be released on how this is affecting everyone (you and us) going to be released?

We would like to see comparisons of views and pound notes taken for both systems of category please.

Many Thanks

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