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Announcing Etsy Weddings & Wedding Registry

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One of the brides to be (one that I told to come here and shop) ....kept having her computer shut down.
She is the one who found all their investors...
So I take it that investors were in on the project???
Yes I agree. Has anyone gone on to see if there are still barbies and such?
It makes me feel real low that a barbie is more worthy then my very ornate birdcages that took a lot of work
I will pluck up the energy and do a trawl.
Just did a Google search came up on page three,directed to the etsy listings.not a wedding category.It is something I suppose.
well I got into show more and this is still here
PS The canopy is in Veils !!
I can put together a list of search engine sites for everyone...
Also good places to advertise :
2)Naperville yard sale (that's here in Illinois) but the wealthy ppl' ook on there (oodle is the other name)
3) Merchant Circle
5) Tumblr
6) Angies list...for some businesses
I know there is more...
Just done a trawl backwards in Veils from page 123 only odd pages.
There are12 pars of shoes
7 shoe decoration/clips
bride/bridegroom gift set
3 bridal sahes
1 personalised hanger
3 painted fans
3 shawls or shrugs
painted glasses
2 haircombs and /headbands
plus a few more fascinators without veil in the title.
Not a lot different from yesterday
and this

Got to go nd have breakfast now too depressing for words
Has anyone figured out how the algorithms are determining whether a photograph is "good" or not? Etsy is claiming that the wedding category is NOT curated beyond the mathematical algorithms they programmed, but beyond pixel quality how can a computer equation determine a good photo from a bad? That would be something a person would have to distinguish, right?
A very good point Red Otter .If only I had the knowledge to work it out!!

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