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Melissa from ParchmentPosies says
Hi there, stepping in to defend Rose for a minute. I think Rose is just doing what we have been doing all along. She's pointing out items that don't fit into the category, but are still showing up. Her post was not intended to be offensive to the seller of the headband. She is just saying it doesn't belong with wedding headpieces. I hope that everyone will understand the spirit in which she shared it. There is nothing wrong with the item, just where it is showing up without any input from the seller. She's complaining about a system that is not functioning properly, not about the item or the seller.
the item has "Wedding" in its tags & title, so it fits per the algorithm. Most of the page is NOT curated; they are generated by formulae based on relevancy. (This was pretty obvious from early on, I think) If you see something you think is mistagged, you should be reporting it to admin, not calling out the seller for mistagging.

Although I don't really have a problem with the item. I completely agree that many of us have different opinions of what is suitable for weddings. I sell a lot of jewellery for brides & bridesmaids that is not traditional, & most of it is not for beach weddings either. Just sold a shell bracelet to a bride this week based on colour, not venue. For my own wedding, I wore a hockey sweater :)

& I will note that the same situation happened even more frequently with the old categories, as you didn't even need to have a word in both title & tags to show up - one place was enough. So there would have been a lot more of those types of things happening in the past. The difference is, they would drop off the page faster back then (only to be replaced by another, of course)
Hi All
Apologies for the lack of postings, but as I'm in the UK, I'm on a different timescale to most of you. Anyway, was that an actual Admin I saw posting in this thread at last? Pity they didn't address the REAL issue. Rose, I wholeheartedly understand where you're coming from and would like to thank you for arranging the Facebook page, which I shall visit. That's what I love about Artfire - freedom of speech and link posting! I'm definitely in for the 500 and beyond if necessary.
Just checking in to see how things are going. Have opened last Friday and re-opened my Etsy shop too, renewed some things as I already have them here. Deactivated some as some have a better chance in shop. Will be shopping soon! I am in for the 500 hundred and beyond also. We all work too hard not matter what our differences in opinions, venue, style or hierarchy. Lets stick together to make change. I heard an old African saying today I liked very much. It was " You cannot learn to sail well in calm waters" so hang in Etsians!
"Just saw this. I repeat, it doesn't affect you, you don't know what's going on, don't tell me what to do, and butt out. Thanks. Other wedding sellers, please come to the Etsy Wedding Sellers page on Facebook to promote your items and engage in discussions freely."

Anytime you start a thread in a section of the forums that is not here in this discussion, you are inviting other people to comment. If you just want wedding sellers to comment, post in the relevant thread. I never even looked at this thread until you started the other one.

And yes, I do wedding/anniversary portraits.
Wow! In my opinion not only was Heathers post rude, it also shows she has no idea what this discussion is about. No one here is blaming the seller for the misplaced items. Barbie dolls don't belong in veils, and china and high heels don't belong in things for grooms. This is the kind of thing everyone here has been dealing with for over a month. If you had read this entire thread you would see that continued pleas for help and answers to questions have fallen on deaf ears. So going to admin. isn't working.

What are the wedding sellers supposed to do? We can't fix the unexplained. Etsy made a drastic and unexpected change to weddings. It's hurting shop views and sales for everyone.

Shops are just trying to survive. I've been here from the beginning and everyone has been very respectful given very difficult circumstances.

I love rhinestones!!
Rose, please convo me with the link to the FB page, I searched for it and it didn't come up.
Have convo'd you Luly
Got it, thanks :)
I have sent friend requests to everybody that's there, we should friend/like each other so that we have more exposure.
O.k I must ay I apologize for going off about 6 times last night. I just feel if you want to be part of this post don't start off with an argument.
READ the thread, then state your feelings. Understanding the subject before taking the my favorite teacher would say.
We are nearing 500 and some may not want us to get there.
I stayed up most of the night (for those who have been on here THE WHOLE TIME) you know I like to study and do my own little experiments.
I was able to go through several pages on the pin board registry. I found no REAL rhythm to anything. WITH OUT CALLING OUT ANYONE....
There are some that stay on it for a day and other a week or more.
I've been keeping a notebook. It does seem some who may have the VERY SAME WORDING AS US are put on there more frequently . In reading tags there are those are "exaggerating" there items....That is fine, I guess they are allowed to do so.
This is the only RHYTHM I found....To Re title almost the same words, add new tag words (maybe not to have anything to do with your product) and relist.
I found in our group we are not doing that. We all seem to play by the general.
No MATTER what method they are using , they can not watch each person in what they are tagging their item as.
Now this is my opinion....
And take it the way you want.
STAY HONEST! No matter what. In the end honest ppl' typically do very well in business and rest easy at night.
I know this because I have few HUGE clients that are very well to do. When I ask them what made them get there they always say two things...
Stay honest and stay away from the dishonest. They fall at some point.
THe best advice is to learn Everything about SEO, photos, backlinks, EVERY POSSIBLE FREE AND CHEAP ADVERTISING AS YOU CAN. Sign up on other search engines etc;
Let the ones who think they will stay on top with dishonesty do it.
We don't need to.
We believe in our products and can run our businesses with out finding the easy way out.
Good honest businesses shine...
People will see your character. After a while it's hard to hide.
I have a very big client based here in Chicago. His daughter is getting married. He is a sports figure.
Based on the characters of the wedding sellers I've met on here...the list I gave her included shops in which I know she will be well treated.
AND as a business owner my rep. is on the line so I will not promote sneaky..

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