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Announcing Etsy Weddings & Wedding Registry

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I'm glad your views are creeping up. My wedding sales on Etsy are still at a crawl, but thankfully the other stuff I make is selling as well as ever... Still holding out a glimmer of hope that Etsy will find a way to make wedding artisans visible again, even if they don't revert to the old system, hopefully they are working towards a new and better win for us all.
Fingers crossed for everybody !!
I just started a thread in Bugs:

I just received the etsy wedding weekly pics email and when I scroll down and click on "Shop pastel accessories..." the search shows pastel wedding accessories but the sponsored items on the top row are showing actual pastels, such as drawing and painting from fine art, and things like pastel yarn.....
I'm glad to see this bit about the wedding registry because I think me and my fiancé will have more chance of finding the kind of unconventional gifts we might like on Etsy than elsewhere. However, we've been clear with our guests that we would rather they contribute their time and effort to helping with aspects of the wedding rather than buying a material gift. I've made this huge list of tasks and things we need that people can help with as their gift to us (e.g., bring 10 mangoes, perform a song, set up, clean up, cook things, help with crafts), as well as offering a wishing well style thing for donations to our honeymoon. I'm hoping that somewhere online will allow me to set up my own unique wedding registry type thing where I can keep track of who has signed up to help with what task, as well as the few actual gifts we might be interested in. This is somewhere I can imagine finding like-minded people who might know a way I can do this, so I thought I would mention it here and see what people think.
What a great idea PhDancer25!

Are you planning on doing wedding blog? Maybe you good put up your "wedding task" registry there.

I just googled: free wedding registry, blog, wishlist

Tons of sites came up. It looks many are geared to "liking products" but I bet there are also custom ones where you can list what you want.
Still trying to crack the code, I was looking through the curated pages for clutches. When I got to the last page at the bottom it says, "see more clutches" I clicked that. It took me to the bags and purses category and most of the listings are clutches. Okay, what I want to know is how some shops get several listings in a row. Most mulit shop listings are for 2 back to back then there might be three different listings by three different sellers.

When recency was replaced by relavancy I had my shop on vacation mode. So that's all still a little grey to me.

There is a shop that has 10 listings in a row. They all begin with a number of clutches. I'm just trying to figure out how they did that.

I went 7 pages in and still don't see any of mine. I do have two listings in the curated pages though.I am seeing several shops showing up with a listing on each page. I am in relevancy and not recency. Hummmm....Can anyone tell me about this? I want to be seen on each page too.
Seeems to me your idea would be perfect for a pinterest board. That would let you gather your ideas from all over etsy and the rest ot the web and put together your thoughts in a visual form. Not sure how the registry aspect would work, but a board named 'registry' might help.. just how to remove items if someone bought them.. otherwise you could end up with 20 wishing wells :)
Just tried it - sort of fun but not so useful.
I love your idea PHDancer, good luck with your wedding preparations, I really wish I could get married again, how many times can you marry the same man?
I did a search through clutches yesterday just out of interest and I know exactly what you mean as I saw the same thing!!! Very frustrating for you!
Well my views yesterday reached 17 in the end 14 from weddings.Highest so far

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