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Announcing Etsy Weddings & Wedding Registry

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LOL Michele!
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Inactive Etsy Member 4:49am Jun 27, 2012 EDT
Mr. Sal Phan, Bichon Frise from Mclovebuddy says
the shops yapping to me about the wedding season haven't even been around long enough to know how their shops do through a busy season.

And he has been around long enough to make comments like that? I think maybe that is his dog yapping at him.
Thanks for starting my day with a laugh Sandi :)))
Yeah. Right on Sandi. :-)
Morning everyone!

So now the accessory section looks like an old photo album, you know - where a few pictures are missing and it doesn't quite fill the entire page all the way down.
Shameful and shabby.
Hi all
Sandi you have made me smile too:)

Absolutely right Honeycomb!! looks like a kid from kindergarten has been at it with a pair of shears. Actually that is wrong, probably a kid can do better! Very poor indeed.
How is everyone, has anyone had any changes this week?
So when we list an item, where in the world does it go?? I am really...
I pay to list my items but they don't really get listed unless the Etsy Gods pick it! WTH??
So when I go to holiday and decor, my item will not appear (that you will take my money for) unless you pick it. SUCKS!!
You are ripping people off Etsy Admin whoever you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey everyone,
I see there was a know-it-all here for a spell.
I love the ppl' that just jump in like that...

So how is everyone doing here?
I know exactly what you mean. Where does our listing go? It's like we hit the publish button and you might as well hit "goodbye".
I really don't understand it. If relevancy and SEO's are so important then why don't we all use the exact same ones. Wouldn't that make us all relevant?

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