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I am getting so few views at the moment and I am listing new items and have a lot more variety in my wedding items than last year. But so slow compared to last year- its really disheartening. There are so many amazing sellers and items in my 'category' so that could be a reason but I don't see how it is fair that some people do not get seen atall and others have a front Etsy Wedding page slot and several items in the first few pages too. I know people can still search in the front page search bar but I thiink buyers will be more inclined to go straight to Etsy Weddings to 'search' I am not going to keep whining but I do feel it is very unfair. If the items were to rotate daily it would be a lot better for everyone - how much exposure are those main wedding page people getting! - lucky people - I am very jealous to be honest! Never mind-thats my whinge over - I will keep listing my new items and hope things improve soon with some more hard work and persistence :)
I here you! I have gone over and over my listings, retagging and changing titles, and I am just not showing up until later in the sections. I dont think people go past the first few pages in the sections because I am not getting any views. It is the same shops over and over again in the front pages.
Hi all just checking in to se what has changed.Yes I too am seeing the 167 items in various sections.I have Weddings and a banner at the top and alist of categories l/h side including vintage.Searches for some things are still way too convoluted What the heck is going on with the significance of 167 pages? I agree some peole must be missing out.

Hi Roseanna so sorry to hear your views are low.I did see elsewhere in the forum comment from batcakes that her wedding views were down over the weekend. Mine are now non existent but most of my views come from search anyway.
Maybe we will get to 600 pages and still be none the wiser.
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Inactive Etsy Member 2:04pm Aug 22, 2012 EDT
Just checking in to see if others are suddenly seeing a major drop in views over the past week? I was getting a decent amount of views from weddings and now for the last few days nothing from there. Has something changed?
I've seen a sharp drop off this week, but attributed it to the back to school time..I'll worry more in early September, the end of August; I give Etsy a pass. I'm glad my other venues are working well.
Hi Susan - thanks - I hope things return to normal soon - in the meantime I am going to try and gets some more items created and then when I return it will all be OK again! -Here hoping
here is the Etsy weather report
I thought it was just me, I've been having reasonable views from weddings until this week, a few days I've even had 0 views from weddings. I've had a couple of small orders this week which has been lovely. I guess now family life is settling down I need to concentrate more on my little business but I don't know whether or not to advertise or set up my own site, decisions, decisions!
It is hard to believe Etsy has not stepped in lately to provide some answers as to why the wedding category has not been restored back to a normal full category.

They could at least defend their position on this change by presenting hard data showing an increase in sales and views for wedding sellers or at least data that indicates views and sales for wedding shops have not been hurt according to their numbers.

Usually Etsy does step forward and explain that a recent change has resulted in increased views and shoppers buying more. It is unimaginable at this point that they have not had the motivation to address this since May 4th with the wedding sellers one way or another. They have ignored this thread and the ongoing serious concerns and issues with the wedding category for over 3 months.
Maybe etsy should run a 'post mortum' on etsy weddings!

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