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Announcing Etsy Weddings & Wedding Registry

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Jeni from BarkingSandsVintage says

'One tip to boost your results are displaying clear beautiful product photos, available in high resolution.'

--Does high resolution mean something different from our usual photos in terms of size or dpi? I'm guessing no, but wanted to double check.


No - if you're already posting large, high-res photos, you should be fine.
Very cool! Thanks
Thomas from SensualScentsations says
Great! Is there a baby registry in the works?


Hi Thomas,

While we can't promise anything specific, we're tracking how well wedding registries do, and are definitely interested in expanding this feature further.
Shanna Michele from ShannaMicheleDesigns says

How does one get into the curated lists? I hate to be a wet blanket but there are multiple items from the same sellers (Yes, I am annoying and counted one seller who gets featured often as it is, with 15 spots) on the lists...kinda disheartening but also makes me want to try harder to get in there LOL....


@Shanna - can you point me to the category that has 15 spots for the same seller?
Sarah DeMoss from DeMossDesigns says
How do you delete a registry? I created one just to see how it would work. I can't find how to enter your name nor can I figure out how to delete it.


Your registry isn't visible to anyone until you explicitly share it (and you can unshare it afterwards), but we currently don't have a way to delete your registry just yet.

You enter your name and shipping information once you share your registry, but we're exploring making it possible to do this earlier in the process.
Ample Goddess Jewelry from lv2cr8 says
I am trying to add something from a shop into a registry, but it doesn't seem like I can or at least I cannot find the button that says add this item to your registry. Can someone point me to where it is please.


Ample Goddess Jewelry from lv2cr8 says
Perhaps we can only put the items show in the registry. I tried to create one and then put in fuchsia anklet which is one of my own in the search box, but when I get to my listing there isn't the same option to put the item in. Are only certain listings available to put in the registry? If so, how is it decided?


Shop owners can't add their own items to their registry, but otherwise all items can be added to a registry.
I'm just curious why three diligent admins in this thread are working on a Saturday when the very pressing discussions about resellers can't get one admin response. You might give feedback to the Etsy offices that this makes the admin involved in the very pressing reseller issue look as if they are resorting to duck and cover.

The internet is swirling with stories about this issue that makes ALL of Etsy look bad, the forum is hopping with discussion and NO SIGN of admin anywhere but here in this thread. It looks very much like a diversion tactic.

You three (and more) obviously worked very hard on your tool, and the community is happy to have it, but you're appearing to be used.
YES!!! Just wanted to say YES!
Sallie from ThatSallie says
I want to get married again just so i can register here...i doubt my hubby would understand that. :)
My thoughts exactly! :)

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