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Ok important question about the new etsy payment accounts

Just want to make sure im correct here...
I got approved for an etsy payment account yesterday, the two deposits to verify my bank account have obviously not gone through, however I made a sale today and the customer paid through the etsy account. My page reads...sold April 28...Funds available May 2.
My question is...I'm good to go ahead and ship the item out Monday, correct?

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If the customer paid you are ok to ship. You don't have to delay shipping the CC part is a done deal. How long until you can get to the funds is a different thing.
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Inactive Etsy Member 12:58 am Apr 29, 2012 EDT
As long as i can see the payment amount has posted to my paypal account, I would be okay with shipping out the item.

It's not a PayPal account!!! It's the new Etsy account!!!
@ Ginger . . . Same thing here. I was approved on Friday and got my first sale using Etsy's "Shop Payment Account" a couple of hours later. My "deposits" haven't gone through either but I'm still going to ship tomorrow. The money is there, I just have to wait until all the "paperwork" is done in order for Etsy to transfer the funds to my checking account.

IMO, they should've figured out a way to get all these requirements completed before "going live" with the new payment options.
now what is the new etsy account, did I miss something?
Frankly, the direct checkout seems like way more trouble than it's worth.


I'm with you, Sunny.
Your customer has paid you so now it's between you and Etsy. They used Etsy Payments/Direct Checkout and have paid the money. Not their issue that you don't have it yet!

Funds are not available to deposit until 10 days after adding/changing a bank account (and that's all of us when we're new and sign up).

Customer payments are not released to you until you mark the item as shipped (and this cannot be undone).

Funds then are available for you to have deposited in the bank after 10 days (new, probably same day once "tenured", a button will show as it defaults to add a few days (in my case anyway).

Then, when you say "ok deposit today" (after the money is in your Etsy account properly) it can still take 3-7 days for the money to reach your bank.

It's new, and might take some getting used to.

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