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Liz Hutnick from LizHutnick says

Sarah Walsh from somethingjeweled says

Why the negativity, ladies?? I think the new wedding category thingy is pretty cool! Etsy is smart...they know what they are doing...and they have our best interest in mind. Etsy is a business just like we are! They just want to help sell more items of OUR items, so they can make more money too! Pinterest is so hot right why not mimic it in Etsy Weddings?? I think the new design will make buyers even more prone to scrolling through page after page of our items.

My sales have skyrocketed since Etsy turned to relevancy last year. I barely even have to renew items! Saves me a lot of $$ in fees. So with this new change, I'm going to embrace it and make it work for me! Hey, my views have been GREAT today! I hope that's a sign of good things to come!


Are you for real?


Sorry, I thought you were being sarcastic. I see you are being featured in the new category. Congrats.
@fever note them down don't post here, but we can compare later.
I've always relied on tags for search...because that is how -I- search for stuff.
If every single item in your shop is listed as Weddings>

I would change a few to other categories but still keep Weddings as a tag. That way you will be found in the other category searches.

Go to this post "About the Wedding registry" Please spread the word. I'm asking everyone to add questions to that post. Once it's full enough I'm emailing Etsy to come to that Topic post to directly answer the questions...
somethingjeweled will be complaining next week when her competitors have multiple listings up and she has zero.
cherry - here is another wedding site that i use:

it doesn't get a ton of traffic, but maybe now it will. :)
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Inactive Etsy Member 5:48 pm Apr 29, 2012 EDT
PomLove -

I am thinking that between this and the other "happenings" this last week, Craft Star is going to EXPLODE.

I hope CraftStar makes it easy on us and allows us to just import our listings from here.
What can we all do to ban together, as sellers, and get this fixed?
I am incredibly upset. My sales have been near non-existant since this crap started..


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