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Wedding category... What happened?

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Way to spam an important thread, Hugh Jaffee.
Bumping this up, we need to keep this thread going. Now that it is Monday morning hopefully admin is working on a solution to get out of this mess.

They need to reinstate the wedding categories to their original functionality and let every paid listing show, not just a few and then say "There are no more items to show", if they don't want to show thousands of listings then reimburse us for the listing you decided to make nonexistent.
Any word?
GoTofromGoTo says

Any word?
Do you really want to know if you do read about how UNFAIR the wedding category really was:
Thanks for the link p1xie, so glad I was unable to get to the computer all day and must take care of business now. What a horrid mess these issues have been, I am exhausted and sick from reading them.
You and me both GoTo don't be surprised if you don't see me for the rest of week.
Bumping this up. We need this fixed!
Sure do.
no news huh?
This has all been very stressful. I was hopping mad Sunday... and we weren't getting any good answers.

Since, I've tried to not be too reactionary or fret over it too much... I even stopped minding the details because I felt like it was not going to lead to anything productive. I decided to wait and see if my bottom line was affected by the changes.

So far, my stats have not dipped and I'm not experiencing anything different in the way of sales/traffic from last week, before the changes were made.

Unfortunately Etsy's stats didn't start being recorded by Etsy until late June so I can't do a direct comparison to this week last year.

My point is only that as far as traffic goes pre- and post-registry... there is no change for me.

What about you guys?

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