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Sellers using 'Movember' as a tag- but not giving a penny/cent to charity

I'm not calling a particular seller out as it turns out there are hundreds...

But I was really surprised and disappointed that many of the 'movember' tagged items where they are capitalising on the movement, but are not donating any procedes to their local prostate charity...

Sad. I came across one in my circles feed who I convo'd directly, then did a search and realised that contacting them all wasn't going to be practical.

Does Etsy have any rules on using charity tags?

I realise that vintage red cross stuff wouldn't give a donation to the red cross, but if its new, and using the tag, it seems rather cynical not to, IMHO.

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the rule is you can't mention the charity you are donating to unless you have permission from the charity. So some people may be donating but can't mention a name publicly.
I have seen Etsy mention that you should contact the seller & ask for proof if you want to be certain. I am unaware of them stepping in when someone was using a charity tag without mentioning the charity, though.
Ah- thanks Cindy. I didn't know that. But if you intended to donate, couldn't you just say you're donating to 'charity' or 'a local prostate charity' as it'll vary from country to country? I've seen a couple of descriptions doing this- which you've pointed out seems legit if you're not officially sanctioned.

Its the ones that don't mention any donation I was raising an eyebrow to.
you could, but it is not required, as far as I know. That's why you should ask to see receipts
Could be that people simply forgot to remove the tag after a Movember promotion and donation last year.
Hi- Lisa from Movember here. This is a great discussion and you are right, there seem to be very many sellers associating their products with Movember, when they are not affiliated with our charity in any official capacity. We do not have relationships with these sellers, but Movember will be contacting Etsy to see how best to regulate this. Thank you for briging this to our attention!
Lisa Potter
I don't know the answer to your questions, but just wondering, were the items things that could be associated with people that were growing their mustache for Movember?

eg mustache wax, fake mustaches etc?

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