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Okay, I went to the post office to send something internationally, but I just realize I don't think I put the declared value on it. I think i may have but I don't remember! The worker looked at the form and didn't say anything was missing. But I can't remember writing down a value. OH GOD What will happen?

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They could return it, customs could decide the value or it could be delivered to your customer without anyone bothering to stop it.

#1 - the employee should have said something. they're usually very good about looking over those forms in case something was missed

#2 - if it's not on there...depends on the country's restrictions. if you sent jewelry, some countries have a limit on the value that can enter without paying a luxury tax, etc. and they will care more about the dollar amount
exactly what weezie said.......Always put an Invoice inside an international pkg. It solves all problems for the customs person, the buyer, the seller, and there aren't many problems in life that can be solved with one piece of paper.... ;-)
I also marked it as a gift however i put a receipt in it, but some of the items are gifts but 2 of them are not. Its only worth $17
So, get off the Internet and call the Post Office where you left it, it probably won't leave there for several more hours. Been there had to do that.
Why did you mark it as a gift if it was a purchase from your shop? That is illegal.
Yup, marking as gift is a no no.
a gift?? and then there is a receipt inside with the price? hmmmm
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:08pm Apr 30, 2012 EDT
a package is only considered a "gift", when its a gift from you personally. when someone has paid you for the stuff inside, it is merchandise or "other"

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