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ah. didn't see the 2nd post.......
I suggest you read the forms you're signing your name to, before you sign your name, rather then going off something you read in a forum.

Packages get stolen. It happens. I don't think that excuse would work if you were caught.
WandafromVintageAndVictorian says

LaRon from laronje says
i marked it as a gift, because . . . i was afraid they would steal it."
I've never known a thief to be particular. I wouldn't know anything about "gifts" being immune to theft.
Agreed, packages can be, and are stolen from any part of the delivery chain not just customs. What annoys me is that the customs form here in the UK asks for 'quantity and detailed description of contents'.

So if you are sending jewelry or anything of value you have to somehow disguise what it really is in the description, otherwise it is wide open to theft.
Also, domestic shipping isn't immune to theft so that would be no reason to stop shipping internationally.
I don't think you should consider disguising anything you send - regardless of theft issues.

Some countries absolutely prohibit items, such as jewelry, esp. if it is precious metals or stones. Others tax the receiver on those items so you would essentially be helping them avoid that tax if you don't say it's jewelry.

Some countries prohibit used clothing and all sorts of other items that you might not even expect (e.g. Germany's ban on opened playing cards).

Theft sucks. But it exists. My advice is to fill out the forms with accurate info.
Just realized I messed up another part of the form but too late now. I suck at this. Hopefully it goes thru, if not I'll just be out of money, fined or in jail or whatever . Thanks to the people answered nicely.
LaRon, sometimes everyone has to learn the hard way...but consider this a lesson, as you will be unlikely to repeat the same mistake twice...
onward and upward!

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