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Shop name?

I'm going to change up my shop soon by selling only cards, not jewelry. Just wondering if anyone had any ideas for a fresh new name---I'm stuck!!

I think it would be cool for it to have something to do with India (all my proceeds go towards sponsoring an orphan girl in India)...Tribe, Jungle, Indian, etc. are words that would be awesome in a name..but I'm not sure how to make it go with "cards" or "creations", if you get what I'm saying :)

Thank you so much for your help!

(P.S. I didn't know if this would go in Site Help or Business Topics?)

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Anybody? (:
I think a shop name should be your personal individual decision.

Tribal Cards
Jungle Cards

are my suggestions... you will need to see what is available. :)
cards of hope
Cards of Hope is a good suggestion from Cyn! :) I also like Tribal Cards, or maybe Katie's Tribal Cards/Katie's Card of Hope?
If you would like to focus on India, it seems like a good idea to be found with that word. I.e. GreetingsFromIndia or IndiaGreetings or IndiaCards. But if you would like to focus on the very worthy cause of supporting an orphan, perhaps incorporate the name of the girl you are supporting? CardsForAbhilasha, etc.

Thank you for the suggestions, everyone! :)

My little girl's name is does CardsForBinati sound?


But if Binati is not the only one for future help then I would personally not use it
That's true, Linda. I do hope to help other kids in the future. Thank you for pointing that out!

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