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A Multitude of Opportunities With Wholesale

Hello Etsy Community!

I'm thrilled to be joining the Etsy team today ( ). While I was hoping to get settled in - I'm not even sure where the bathrooms are - before we told the world about this, it seems the Internets had a different plan.

I'm here to take what I learned from Trunkt's fantastic community of wholesale sellers and bring it to Etsy. The vast majority of Trunkt members are Etsy sellers so they are basically coming home again.

As we figure out the path forward over the next few months, I would love to hear from the Etsy community - especially those who are also Trunkt members - about your ideas as they pertain to wholesale.

What would you like to see? What could Trunkt have done better? What does wholesale mean to you? What is your current experience doing wholesale?

Any and all constructive feedback is welcome. I look forward to many great discussions with all of you and to meeting many of you in the future.

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Ree Leibrand from RaggedyRee says
Um, did Dev take one look around and run away?

DT: Sorry for disappearing. I finally found my way back from the bathroom. Etsy's front door was locked and I don't have my key card yet. Yikes. Did I mention I just started today?


Angela Curtis from AllThingsGranny says
Welcome Aboard !!!

DT: Thank you! It's good to be here. The offices are really cool.


Chris from CopperLeafStudios says
If we currently have a Trunkt account (i.e. lifetime membership), what will happen to it?

DT: I was finally able to put up the announcement to Trunkt members on the Trunkt blog ( ) which was supposed to go first. All the relevant questions from Trunkt members will be answered there and not here on Etsy.


Caroline from peaseblossomstudio says
How can Trunkt benefit us if we are not a member and membership is currently closed?

DT: Trunkt will not change for existing members but I won't be accepting any new members on Trunkt while I focus my attention on my work at Etsy.


jill from jill2day says:
I would like to know more about how to wholesale OOAK items. Does this make wholesaling impossible, or at least much more difficult?

DT: Not at all. Many Trunkt members make OOAK items and sell them to boutiques and galleries on a wholesale basis. Wholesale does not equal mass production. Wholesale only describes a relationship where you sell your item(s) for a price that lets a retailer mark it up to make a profit when they sell it to their customer. Anyone of any size can do wholesale.


crochetgal from crochetgal says:
I'm rather interested in learning how this will be integrated with Etsy.

DT: Me too! Did I mention I just started today? Obviously, this news leaked a little early and we weren't ready to announce anything. This is just the beginning of a thoughtful and thorough process that will involve all of you. We want to build something that works and is very, very useful to the Etsy community. Doing that will take some time and I thank you, in advance, for your patience.


Elle from AustinModern says
Trunkt was one person??

DT: Yeah, me! Now I'm off to find a security guard. Everyone's gone and I don't know the alarm code.

Thanks to Chris from CopperLeafStudios who says:

As Etsy is set up now, you would probably get [a wholesale order] via convo. The boutique would ask if you wholesale your booties, what your terms are, what they would cost, and turnaround time. They would have no idea if you were even open to this arrangement, so they would hedge their bets by convoing a half dozen bootie sellers rather than spend a week emailing back and forth.

Now the Trunkt system: you have a portfolio off-etsy where you show only the items you are willing to wholesale, all of your terms are spelled out. Your prices are not visible -- but the boutique has enough information to know that you are (a) open to the arrangement, and (b) can meet their needs time-wise. In order to see your prices, they click a button to request them, and you click a button to give your approval. They then place an order online. Out of the public view of your regular customers, but in a format that allows you both to keep track of the order.


DT: This is well said. Our goal at Trunkt was to give sellers the power to choose WHETHER they want to wholesale and WHO they would wholesale to. That goal would remain the same at Etsy. All sellers would retain complete control over the way they sell their products and to whom.
Fern from fernfiddlehead says
Hey Dev! How's Day 2 at etsy going for you? A lot of people are asking about wanting to join Trunkt and not being able to at this time.

DT: It's going great, thank you! Trunkt is no longer accepting new sellers because it's eventually going to be folded into whatever we do here at Etsy. Nothing is changing for our current members right now but it will.
Joanna from gothicreations says:
The announcement got pushed up, I think, which is why there aren't a lot of answers. It's like a half baked cake right now.

DT: That's exactly right although the cake mix ain't even in the bowl yet. I want to reiterate that we're in the very early planning stages and we won't have any details for some time.


Sarah from punchanella says:
there's an amazing lack of understanding about wholesale.

wholesale doesn't mean that's how much your item is actually worth. retail prices have to include business registration, insurance, the building, the machines, the materials, cost of sitting on merchandise, etc. etc. i assume all the risk, i assume all the responsibility in selling it. i charge retail, because i'm a retailer.

if you buy wholesale, you're buying a large quantity, up front, and YOU assume the risk, YOU assume the responsibility. THAT'S why i can afford to sell it to you at retail.

DT: A big reason I'm thrilled to be here at Etsy is because this community is amazing at helping each other. Sellers who are new to wholesale (or any aspect of running a creative business) get fantastic help from fellow sellers here in the forums AND from the incredible editorial team at Etsy. Seller education was something I didn't do well at Trunkt. That will change here.


Paris O from AbstractXpressionism says:
Will you be posting here as to more developments for the wholesale aspect on Etsy?

DT: Absolutely but it's going to take some time before there are any details. Keep this conversation going for as long as it's helpful to you. I'll chime in every now and then when appropriate.
Stephanie from metalicious says:
Congrats, Dev!

DT: Thanks, Stephanie. It's nice to hear from the Trunkt folks.


Marianne Kasparian from MAKUstudio says:
I do currently sell wholesale here on Etsy by giving my wholesale customer a coupon code. But, it does get complicated at times as I have different discounts for different quantity/price points.

DT: One of our goals is to organize and formalize all the wholesale activity that already does take place on Etsy. Removing all the inefficiencies will be a major first step.


Yini from Kotona says
Would Etsy provide more information or a series of posts on Seller Handbook, to help newbie shops like mine work towards setting up successfully for wholesale sales?

DT: Another one of our goals is to make Seller Education around Wholesale a focus and priority. We're going to make wholesale fun and take the scariness out of it completely.


Cynthia Gordon from cydidit says:
Dev, you are very funny and looks like you will be easy to work with.

DT: Shucks, thanks. This is going to be fun.
Shannon Rea from BarmaidSoapCompany says:
This feature will only be available to those who are already part of Trunkt?

DT: Nope. This service will not be exclusive to Trunkt members.


Valerie from ValerieMiscellanea says:
I also agree with CopperLeafStudios that I would like to keep wholesale pricing and terms private and by request only--it helped me be able to show the terms only to truly interested parties.

DT: This is one of the core features of Trunkt and will remain so on Etsy.


Annie Briggs from AnnieBriggs says
I would be interesting in wholesaling on my crochet line. If a boutique wanted to buy wholesale, I would need for them to purchase in quantities of six in the same color, even on reorders, as I dye my own yarn. I would sell for 1/3 the regular custom size price posted. Does that sound like something workable?

DT: Our job is to provide you with the tools to promote your wholesale products and communicate your terms. Only you can determine what pricing and minimum order size works for your business. How you sell your products is always in your control.

Yini from Kotona says:
... any idea when is the roll out happening? Maybe a hint will do!

DT: We're still developing our strategy so it's going to be a few months at the earliest. In the meantime, I'd love to get your feedback about what you'd like to see in a Wholesale service. Continue to use this thread.
Hello all. We're hard at work on Etsy Wholesale. If you'd like to be notified when we make announcements, please sign up at or follow us on twitter at @etsywholesale.
Hello Eva-Marie,

Etsy Wholesale will be accepting international buyers and sellers. Thanks for your interest and stay tuned.
Hello Paulette,

The Etsy Wholesale product is not final - so what I am saying might change.

Only Etsy Wholesale buyers can see your wholesale catalog, including prices. You can also give a guest pass to other buyers to see your products. You must list a wholesale price, and the suggested retail price is optional. The Etsy wholesale accounts will be on a separate section of The Trunkt website will be shut down, and Trunkt members will be receiving emails with the details on that. All Trunkt data will be preserved, and imported into Etsy Wholesale.

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LOL - you were just being talked about in a post I was reading. Welcome aboard!
Welcome Aboard !!!
are you going to start a wholesale section now??? sounds to me like an invitation to resellers...
As a new member to Etsy, I really don't understand what this means and I probably am speaking for lots of new sellers.

Can you give a simple explanation of what Trunkt is?
felicesereno from FeliceSereno says

are you going to start a wholesale section now??? sounds to me like an invitation to resellers...
lots of handmade sellers sell wholesale..... it is not all about resellers. :)
Well hello. I'm interested in how this is all going to work out. I'll let you figure out where the bathrooms are first though.
I do have a questions for those that signed up for trunkt before any of this what becomes of our accounts? Right now my account is not fully activated on there and it had been something I was going to do last month but other issues came up and caused a delay in my timing. Now I'm not sure if I should activate it or not.
I know that's probably not a question or insight that you might have been looking for in this thread.

as a Trunkt user, I would love to see a place in our shops that allowed an interested B&M to click to see our wholesale items & terms. I loved that Trunkt kept our wholesale prices private and we were able to allow them to be seen on an individual basis. It would be great to have the two integrated. It would also be great to have a way for B&M buyers to go straight to the "wholesale side of Etsy" if they want to find artisans.

Will be watching with interest!

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