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A Multitude of Opportunities With Wholesale

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Hi Dev! Just the man I need right now, I'm slowly getting my feet wet with wholesale by acquiring bridal boutiques and selling my swimwear line to This year is the first time I have ventured out of my bubble so I'm excited to learn more about wholesale and really eager to hear any advice you have in regards to acquiring new vendors.
As far as Etsy it would be cool if the trunkt format could be a section in our shop or buyers who may be browsing.
Hey, welcome! :)

I've never used Trunkt in the past, or actively pursued wholesale opportunities in general. (I'd really love to find some sort of perfect boutique style niche for my hand knit gear, but I've had some difficulty doing that so far.)

It'll be neat to see what happens with this, and I'm really interested in anything that makes it easier to find good wholesale clients through Etsy - best luck!
hi Dev!!!

I've been on Trunkt for a long time, without much luck. I wonder what I'm doing wrong?
Very interested in learning more about how to wholesale!!
such an interesting new avenue. I have not sold wholesale and would love to learn more about it from those who are experienced !
Ree Leibrand from RaggedyRee says
Um, did Dev take one look around and run away?

DT: Sorry for disappearing. I finally found my way back from the bathroom. Etsy's front door was locked and I don't have my key card yet. Yikes. Did I mention I just started today?


Angela Curtis from AllThingsGranny says
Welcome Aboard !!!

DT: Thank you! It's good to be here. The offices are really cool.


Chris from CopperLeafStudios says
If we currently have a Trunkt account (i.e. lifetime membership), what will happen to it?

DT: I was finally able to put up the announcement to Trunkt members on the Trunkt blog ( ) which was supposed to go first. All the relevant questions from Trunkt members will be answered there and not here on Etsy.


Caroline from peaseblossomstudio says
How can Trunkt benefit us if we are not a member and membership is currently closed?

DT: Trunkt will not change for existing members but I won't be accepting any new members on Trunkt while I focus my attention on my work at Etsy.


jill from jill2day says:
I would like to know more about how to wholesale OOAK items. Does this make wholesaling impossible, or at least much more difficult?

DT: Not at all. Many Trunkt members make OOAK items and sell them to boutiques and galleries on a wholesale basis. Wholesale does not equal mass production. Wholesale only describes a relationship where you sell your item(s) for a price that lets a retailer mark it up to make a profit when they sell it to their customer. Anyone of any size can do wholesale.


crochetgal from crochetgal says:
I'm rather interested in learning how this will be integrated with Etsy.

DT: Me too! Did I mention I just started today? Obviously, this news leaked a little early and we weren't ready to announce anything. This is just the beginning of a thoughtful and thorough process that will involve all of you. We want to build something that works and is very, very useful to the Etsy community. Doing that will take some time and I thank you, in advance, for your patience.


Elle from AustinModern says
Trunkt was one person??

DT: Yeah, me! Now I'm off to find a security guard. Everyone's gone and I don't know the alarm code.

DT: Yeah, me! Now I'm off to find a security guard. Everyone's gone and I don't know the alarm code.


Good luck with that! LOL

ETA: If you end up having to spend the night you can always chat with us in Etc.
Please explain...did Etsy buy Trunkt? I never joined it but like the idea of wholesale opportunities..I do well selling with a consignment boutique and would like to expand ..never sell anything much on etsy now was much better here several yrs. ago for bring on more selling opportunities and a larger audience!
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