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A Multitude of Opportunities With Wholesale

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Confused and marking!!!
As I read it.
trunkt membership is closed and will remain that way. so no new trunkt members including members who set up accounts but did not fully activate them.
Current members, those with fully activated trunkt accounts, will not see any immediate changes but changes may eventually occur because trunkt and etsy are now BFFs.
No one knows what exactly it will be or how any of this is supposed to work yet or they aren't saying right now. The announcement got pushed up, I think, which is why there aren't a lot of answers. It's like a half baked cake right now. at least it is from our side of things.
yes I must say this is all a little confusing. We are a wholesaler as well as having a etsy page. This thread seams more for trunkt people than finding new and exciting ways to cater to people who would like to connect to retailers in some way from here. I still don't have a clear idea of what trunkt does or how it does it and why this thread has been opened other than feedback for the merging (is that it??) which seems more for trunkt members than the wider community. That tells me something already about how this is going to proceed and its not looking too inclusive.

I think you guys might need to go back to the drawing board a bit and bring us some more specific questions and a more specific idea of what it is you are actually proposing and *what you are asking from us*.

It's just too cloudy and unexplained to be of use to us or you at this stage.
I think it would be helpful to have available a wholesale key for the legitimate wholesale buyers....
Joanna from gothicreations says:
The announcement got pushed up, I think, which is why there aren't a lot of answers. It's like a half baked cake right now.

DT: That's exactly right although the cake mix ain't even in the bowl yet. I want to reiterate that we're in the very early planning stages and we won't have any details for some time.


Sarah from punchanella says:
there's an amazing lack of understanding about wholesale.

wholesale doesn't mean that's how much your item is actually worth. retail prices have to include business registration, insurance, the building, the machines, the materials, cost of sitting on merchandise, etc. etc. i assume all the risk, i assume all the responsibility in selling it. i charge retail, because i'm a retailer.

if you buy wholesale, you're buying a large quantity, up front, and YOU assume the risk, YOU assume the responsibility. THAT'S why i can afford to sell it to you at retail.

DT: A big reason I'm thrilled to be here at Etsy is because this community is amazing at helping each other. Sellers who are new to wholesale (or any aspect of running a creative business) get fantastic help from fellow sellers here in the forums AND from the incredible editorial team at Etsy. Seller education was something I didn't do well at Trunkt. That will change here.


Paris O from AbstractXpressionism says:
Will you be posting here as to more developments for the wholesale aspect on Etsy?

DT: Absolutely but it's going to take some time before there are any details. Keep this conversation going for as long as it's helpful to you. I'll chime in every now and then when appropriate.
Well, I will wait until the cake has frosting on it and has fully developed.

Welcome Dev! I do wish that Trunkt was not closed to new sellers. I honestly would like to go whole sale for come items.
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:53 pm May 2, 2012 EDT
Thanks for stopping back by Dev :) its so appreciated!
Susan Mac from sMacshop says
And then, if Trunkt members don't have a shop here do they need to set up an account to continue service?
Will all Trunkt sellers be able to sell here on Etsy?
Kates, Etsy allows anyone to set up shop here, so of course they will be able to do so if they haven't already, if they want.
but the cake doesn't have to be frosted.
not if you like eating frosting O.O

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