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How important is being syndicated?

How important is being syndicated? Does a good amount of your views reflect views from google?

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i have no idea, but it can't hurt!!!!
Not very. It is just for Google shopping. You still can be found in the regular Google search.
lol, nope! Maybe 3% are google related??? And I've been syndicated for 3 years!! I'm sure I could always do more SEO work, but in general, its more of a bonus then a staple....

and agreed, it never hurts :)
I think it's very important. Syndication means your items are available for display in Google shopping. Mybitem might still be found on regular Google, but on page 9003. You just increase your odds by having both.
I am syndicated, but I have noticed that after a month or so (I don't really know how long) they seam to leave Google shopping. I have to edit the listing and then it re appears in Google shopping. Either way it hasn't brought me a lot of views either.
It is not as important for handmade and OOAK items. It is very useful for items that are new and have UPC numbers. If you do a search and then click shopping you will get results that have a compare prices box on the right side, and this is extremely useful to find price comparisons, and locations of items. The way your item gets put into these compare boxes is by supplying the UPC, MPN, and manufacture of the item in your feed to google. All the sellers who have the same UPC get put into the compare prices box. Since most companies did not start using UPC numbers for there items until the earliest was 1993 you will not really see any Etsy items in the compare boxes as 1993 would not qualify as vintage yet.

The shopping search engine is very useful for research. do a search for a like item you are selling, and then click the shopping tab, and this is a great way to see how other sellers across the web are writing Titles, descriptions, pictures everything you are basically doing. You will find better ways to list your items by doing a few minutes of this everyday.
I don't think too many people know about google shopping. I had never heard of it before syndication. I don't get very many views from it. A few a day. When I was first syndicated I looked for my items and saw that I was up against Pottery Barn pillows!

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