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blue etsy banner in my listings

there is a blue welcome to etsy banner in all of my listings at the top. just appeared.

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I wanted to let you know you’ve stumbled upon one of our tests. This message we hope will introduce new visitors an understanding of what Etsy is and what they can find on the site.

In order to gather data about whether a proposed change will be effective in helping buyers find items, we conduct experiments with a small number of visitors.

You can learn more about the philosophy behind these experiments here:

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Ooh, hi Michele! Are you not signed in by any chance? I'm wondering if that's something that people see when they're not signed in. Just a thought. And a "hi Michele!".
Aack! I just saw that as well. Looked at something from the front page and thought I had gone to the twilight zone. Checked a bunch of other listings including my own and it's there. UUUUUUgly! I hope it is a glitch???
I'm signed in and it is even there on my listing above my options to edit etc.
*waves hi Brandi*

that is what I thought too but yep - signed in or signed out I have a blue Welcome To Etsy Banner in all of my listings. Can you not see it in my shop?

I see it in your shop too!
Nope, I don't see it. Weird, must be a bug!
Actually - I see it in every shop I go to.
Anyone aware of this that know what it's about?
I don't see it either. Another test, perhaps?
I see it too.. hmm.. kind of big and BLUE.. too distracting.

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