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Etsy STOP already. Not only...

Does Etsy still have the "recently viewed" feature, now it's the "related to items you viewed" feature.

Quit this already! No one likes this feature! Just because I click on something to see it better doesn't mean I want to see it again or anything related to it.

If you are going to continue this, please give us an opt out instead of remove for this session only.

This has become REALLY annoying!

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True. If we want to see it again we would had favorited it.
I don't seem have it anymore, when I view one of your items firefly, I only see suggested items from you other listings....
Where are you seeing "recently viewed"?
Ann, it's on the bottom of the category you happen to be looking in.
It's very annoying. I'm contantly hitting the "Clear Recently Viewed History," especially when I've been in Regretsy and have gotten curious about a subject's other offerings.
Do what I do and bookmark your page that way you avoid the FP altogether.
It is kind of annoying. We should be able to turn it off if we want.
It's getting so annoying that I don't want to click on anything anymore.
I have the Related to this Item You've Viewed. Reminds me of Ebay and I really like it on Ebay because I buy a lot of the same type of stuff. What I hate is when I buy a gift and I lose what normally buy. I then go and view stuff again to refresh it to what I want to see.

Where they differ from Ebay though is I get a broader view of related items not just items from the shop I just viewed but a lot of other sellers. Update that and I wouldn't mind it.
Forgive me, I don't want to sound harsh. Would you remove it, Pretty Please?

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