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Etsy Items Are all Miscategorized!

Look what I got when I looked under WEDDINGS>Paper Goods>Save the Dates:

It's just ridiculous!

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Belinda, that link you sent shows that you hadn't yet clicked on Paper Goods. Once I did, this is what I got:
Actually....I did. I clicked on Weddings.......then paper goods.....then save the dates, to which I kept scrolling, scrolling scrolling down until I got to the end, which gave me the "Want to see more? search for Save the Dates" option. I clicked that.....and it gave me this:

Try it that way, and see what comes up. If I were a customer looking for Save the Dates, that is the way I would have to go (unless I just typed in "save the dates" in the top bar). But if I'm just looking around, I would try and find the category in whatever the WEDDINGS tab allowed to click on. After all, as a bride to be, you would go straight to weddings..........
I'm telling you....this new and "improved" weddings is so flawed, and if it were not causing many of us wedding vendors that have already seen such a great loss in sales, it would actually be funny.

Check out the forum.....82 pages and counting:
I did organic, straight from the home page, not in a category search for "Save the Date" and it was perfect.....did it from Weddings and it was also perfect....did it 10 minutes ago and it was crazy wrong....maybe they fixed it? :D

Hmmm.....let me check again......'s still ridiculous. We have a petition going, if anyone's interested at all:
Yeah, I was noticing this the other day too. If you do a search for wedding cards from the search bar and NOT from weddings, you don't get cards you get card holders, but they aren't mistagged. So I don't understand how this wedding thing is working, but if they do this to the rest of the categories, then it seems like we'll be right at the search when it was by recency!!!
That will be a big mess.

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