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views have plummeted

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Thanks everyone for commenting on this thread. I do hope we all see a new increase in sales again soon and it is just a dip. I too still have sales despite very low views but that does not come directly from Etsy but are my regular collectors directed from Facebook.

I have discovered some great new shops on here today too. Thanks everyone.
I suspect it may be because a lot of people who were heavily promoting etsy elsewhere on the internet have begun promoting their listings at other sites instead. I know I have seen a lot more other sales venues this last week or two, posted everywhere, than I have etsy.

just a thought. if people who make art and craft stop promoting this place off-etsy, traffic will slump for everyone.
That's a good point..I hadn't thought of that.
I've noticed too that views have been really low lately... I've had several items stay at 0 views for days... 0! I've never experienced that before in all my years on Etsy.
Yup my views have taken a nose dive since the end of april. My sales have died also.
My views are pretty low this week... averaging about 20-30 a day, which is better than nothing. Maybe it's just a slow start to the month? :p I try not to go too crazy about it. Hang in there!
p.s. nice shop! I'm sure you'll be fine!
I posted that I had 7 consecutive days of record views until last tuesday. My views dropped like a rock. They have been very low since. They are very low today, too. I think it is related to the wedding category disaster.

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