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Early renewal of listings...

Hey ladies & gents...

Two part help question, if I may. Does renewing your listings early actually help with views? And does it affect your search ads? Will your listing continue to be featured or is there an overnight delay?

Any info or experience you may have would be great!

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It helps with views but does not equal sales. In this shop, I renew when something sells. It works for me because if something is not a good seller it eventually expires....also if it is seasonal.

As to the ads??? I have no idea.
Thanks Kym!
I have recently started to renew and I see a pick in views after renewing but I don't think it is critical if your tags and titles are searchable.
it usually gives the listing a bit of a bump. when i know something will sell if i get it seen by a few more people i will renew it.
It works well for vintage because there are always fresh eyes out there for the first time seeing the item.
I only renew an item about to expire of it is is one I can make again then I renew sold. Sometimes it gets the item back up to page 1 or 2 of search and it will start selling again.
As always, most appreciated folks!
the main search defaults to relevancy, but if people click the categories from the front page, those results are returned by recently listed. So renewing does give you a boost for category searchers, if there are any out there. Except for the wedding category, which has been totally revamped and only shows a few pages of 'relevant' selections.

I don't know if I'd renew something that was in a search ad, as its already going to be at the top of the page a certain number of times anyway :P When I did ads, it was for stuff that didn't show well in searches, as there's no sense in paying for something that already shows up well. if that makes any sense.
Good to know Beesocks...I am still learning everything as a new vintage seller. I know how to be a good customer, however, and have no real problems finding great items to!

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