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Color Shift in Photos once uploaded to Etsy

Hi there,

Just wondering if anyone can help me with some colour shifting issue from Photoshop to Etsy

You can a slight difference in colours between these two pics here the image uploaded to etsy seems to have been more saturated.

I select 'save for the web' and have the SRGB option selected.

Any thoughts?

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Any suggestions?
Nothing really you can do about it (this issue has been talked about many times over the years). The difference is slight.

There is far more variation from monitor to monitor among your customers than the slight variation here. Don't sweat it!

P.S. The etsy pic looks better!
I can barely notice any difference on my computer. Your photos are better than others, including mine!
I agree. I prefer the Etsy picture.
you have cute things that I think are well represented in your pics!
I think it's to do with colour management when you convert from RGB in Photoshop to sRGB when saved. (If you Google Adobe RGB vs sRGB you'll get a ton of information on it that might help - some of it is a bit wordy though).

I wouldn't worry too much since, as people have pointed out, monitors display colours differently anyway. The difference is only very slight, and I think if you note the monitor part in your listing, you'll be fine. :)

Have you tried simply saving as jpg rather than using save for web and seeing what happens?
I upload my photos that I saves in photoshop in jpg format and I saw a difference when uploaded on etsy and I don't know why either.
Hmm, I've noticed that when you upload from a Mac, the opposite problem occurs. My photos always appear de-saturated, and I have to bump up saturation before I upload.
I barely or hardly notice any difference

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