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DC deposits??

I had a deposit scheduled for today- my first since i started Direct checkout. I already went through the 10 day waiting period and it had said that a deposit was scheduled for today. Now I check and the deposit is now scheduled for tomorrow. What happened?

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They usually credit us Mondays at 4:30, but I now see mine is scheduled for Tuesday as well. I'm not sure what is wrong.

I'd post this on the DC team
Mine went through for today.
I just got an email that mine went through. Remember depending on your bank it could take a few days to show in your bank account.
Admin had a big party on the weekend and spent all the money....

Just kidding :)
I am really confused. Mine says scheduled for Tuesday and I have been using the serivce for more than a month.

All week it said scheduled for Monday.
Your deposit is too big to do on Mondays with the rest of us

they do yours separately now :)
mine said tuesday but went through today - maybe a bug?
Direct Checkout entails a 3 day waiting period before the funds are available to be released to in your bank account. When funds are released it takes 3-7 days for your bank to process and fully deposit your funds.

Lisa, it looks like your first transactions using Direct Checkout occurred just inside this time frame so they're not quite available for deposit yet.

Deposits are automatically scheduled on Mondday of every week. Funds that are available for deposit will automatically deposit in your bank account on Mondays.

If you'd like to expedite your deposit, you can! Once funds are available for deposit from your Shop Payment Account you can schedule an earlier deposit.

On my end it appears that your next scheduled deposit is next Monday, May14th. If you'd like to deposit your funds earlier than that select the option to 'Schedule Earlier Deposit' in your Shop Payment Account.

You can find more information on this process here:

I hope this helps! If you have any other questions please ask.
@Doreen. I wish I could laugh. I'm sure it will go through, it's just seeing the date change that causes concern.

Most of my work is custom, so I'm already paid weeks after the order comes.

I will think calm thoughts.

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