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scam or not??

ok so i have already bought my wedding dress but i regret not going with the lace one that i love. so i looked up lace wedding dresses on here and i found one that i love! but the problem is i feel that its to good to be true. the seller is only asking about 199.00 for the dress but then when i scrolled down some more a different seller had the same dress for a little more. there profiles were almost the same both from china and both with almost the same wording but different store names. i feel like if my intuition is telling me theres something wrong i should back off but the dress is beautiful and exactly what i want so i feel like i want it not to be a scam! what do you think? thanks!

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Hey Jamie!

Since Etsy is a Handmade (and Vintage and Supply) marketplace, there shouldn't be two of the same dress from different shops unless it's vintage.

Could you please convo me the links to the two dresses? Please do not post them publicly, as this is considered calling out.

Seems like the stores are resellers. That is if the dresses are identical. It most likely is not a scam, but you are not buying a handmade or vintage, you would be buying a mass produced.
Yikes! Just maybe its best you already purchased your wedding dress otherwise you could have waited for a disaster dress? I have nothing against China sellers but I've been burned quite a few times so yes be weary.I'm not sure how it is here on Etsy because I'm new but Ebay was a real scam for me as a buyer.,
I'm not going to "call out" but I have reported several times the same seller to etsy that I felt based upon their description of "hand make" and how long it takes to produce, say a garment, that there is NO WAY they could have produced and sold that many garments from the time they were open. It's mathematics etsy! Also, just today I found another similar shop with the EXACT same wording descriptions down to the English errors, again, no way is a "hand make" shop.
From China?? Ha haaaa. Shocking.
Personally I'm applauding Lo for picking up on this and actually doing something about it.

Good Job, Lo!! and I hope you find the perfect dress, jaimie. I'll be celebrating 40 years with the same wonderful guy next year. I wish you a wonderful life together.

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Inactive Etsy Member 9:53 pm May 12, 2012 EDT
It's a collective.. Ya know.
Thanks, Lo
China and Ukraine - multiple stores selling same items and making treasuries with their other store items. Classic.

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