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Why the visits plummeting down these last weeks

I few weeks ago I opened the shop on etsy and I had until 399 visits in one day,other days was like 150,200 and so on...but suddenly since 2 weeks ago the visits going down to 28,40,48 maximum
When I got plenty of visits I was not promoting any search ads or any showcase at all and these last weeks I am paying for search adds 10$ budget per week,I paid a showcase for one day even but nothing make the visits going up like before
What could be happening?is it worth to pay for search adds?or any showcase?
Anybody of you experiencing the same?
Best regards

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Doing a search on the forums for search ads or showcase will result in lots of people saying they aren't happy with the results.

I never pay for advertising on Etsy.

AS for the views....are you listing items consistently like you were when you first opened your shop? Maybe the reason why your views slowed down is because you also slowed down in listing new things.

I notice I get a lot of views when I add new items.

*also - you may want to work on your SEO and tags, having listings with almost all the same title get ignored by google search. Do some reading on here about SEO, tags, google search....etc. This will help improve your shop.
Your gems are beautiful, after I figured out that's what they were. You may want to improve the pics, I was confused. Put something else next to them that better helps in seeing size/scale.
I have never used ads and showcase myself,bu I have seen many comment that it doesn't work well,unless they are selling items for a given holiday,and they promote during said holiday.

You're still fairly new,so don't worry too much.I had this happen too,I got several hundred views a day for a few days,and now I mostly get only 20 or so.Views ebb and flow.
What you can do to help your shop get seen,is promote yourself on places like Facebook and twitter,not paid promotions,but start a shop page on FB and get some likes for it,and so on,maybe start a contest for added interest.

Also,I haven't looked at your shop yet,so I dunno if you're doing any of this or not,but make sure to have descriptive titles for your items,and be sure to use all of your tags,but don't use simple one word tags.Ex for me:Tail,animal,costume.These tags would be very vauge,and I didn't get many views from them,but something like animal costume tail as a single tag,has helped much more.Optimize your tags,titles,shop announcment and titles,and item descriptions for SEO,which will help your shop and items get noticed more by search engines.Take clear photos of your work,clean backgrounds,such as white ones,tend to be helpful,and always use natural light,and be sure to use all 5 photo slots.And lastly(that I can remember)is make sure all your policies are filled out.

All that aside,the more items in your shop,the more likely you are to be seen.Good luck to you :3
Good information!
I plan to rewrite some of my tags and titles too!
I would suggest using some other descriptive (relevant) words to describe what these gemstones are. If someone isn't familiar with the terms you have used, they won't search with those terms. If they don't search with those terms, they can't find the items.
For a new shop you have a huge inventory - over 250 items. My guess is you listed like crazy in the first few weeks so that's where the early views came from. If you're not listing at the same rate what you're seeing now is a leveling off to a normal amount of views.
Also, in the U.S., we spell jewelry as "jewelry", rather than "jewellery". If someone searches with the word "jewelry", they won't find items listed as "jewellery". This definitely would tend to result in decreased views.
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:50 am May 8, 2012 EDT
My views went down this time last year. They have stayed higher this year, but have dropped some recently too. Good luck to you.

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