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Is there anyway to have neutral feedback removed?

Hi I am wondering if there is any way to have feedback removed? I made dresses for a lady that were custom dresses and my policies state for customs they are theirs no refunds well she emailed me saying they were to small and that she needed to return them I explained my policies and gave her a partial refund which I did not in any way have to do! Today she left me neutral feedback I don't really feel that is fare?


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If the customer is willing; she can do "kiss and make up" and revise the feedback to positive; but there's no other way to have feedback removed. Unfortunately; most of us will eventually have somebody who's not 100% satisfied.
I say let it be. Neutrals don't negatively impact your feedback rating. It may not seem fair to you, but if that's how the customer feels then it would be hard to change her mind.
Hi Lavender - you should try to initiate the "kiss and makeup" feature - that is the only way I know of to get feedback changed.

And it needs to be handled privately with the buyer and with Etsy's admin - per the TOU.

Good luck with everything!
Thanks guys! Since I already gave her a refund and this was months ago I guess I will let it go it just stinks some people I tell you:/
Thanks for your help!
Are you saying that you've now given a full refund? If so, then definitely try the Kiss and Make Up feature. It's worth a try.
Wait a sec... If the dresses were too small, how would a partial refund make them fit any better? Why would the customer be compelled to give you a positive?

Customers are entitled to their opinion.

By the way, how is it that the dresses were too small?
If she states "no refunds on custom orders", then a partial refund was very generous of her...
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I wouldn't take back a negative or neutral for anything.
If I ordered something and it sucked enough to leave a negative, nothing is going to make me change my mind.. not even a refund.
I think it's sort of misleading to take back certain things... If a shop was known to have poor customer service or poor quality product, I'd rather know before hand, from the feedback than find out the hard way...

If I bought clothing with the expectation of a certain size.. and it was too small and I couldn't return it for a refund, I'd leave negative feedback.... a neutral was very generous, in my opinion. Nobody's gonna "buy" a kiss & make up from me.
LavenderBirdCreation from LavenderBirdCreation says
Today she left me neutral feedback I don't really feel that is fare?

Your customer is unhappy and is out of money for dresses that she can't use and you think a neutral feedback isn't fair? I imagine your buyer thinks her retalitory neutral from you isn't fair either. I think the buyer showed great restraint in not leaving a negative.

So now for sticking to your "policies" you have a buyer who won't be back, may tell her friends and possibly a blog or two and a neutral feedback to show for it. Wouldn't it of been kinder (and smarter) to have the buyer return the too small dresses and then try and sell or salvage them?

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